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“The suppressed M7: tears through armor and turns bad guys into chum.”

The M7S Submachine Gun[3] or the Suppressed SMG is a United Nations Space Command infantry weapon and variant of the M7/Caseless Submachine Gun.


A suppressor attachment located at the tip of the Halo 2-era SMG barrel.

The M7S is equipped with a SS/M 49 sound suppressor, muzzle flash suppressor, and the SLS/V 5B reflex sight[4] that uses a miniature reticle, making it more effective in dark areas and general close-quarters combat. A flashlight is attached under the suppressor off to the bottom left side of the barrel, but it is not usable. Sustained fire tends to cause the muzzle to "walk" upwards as recoil compounds.


Changes from Standard M7

  • The magazine capacity has been reduced from 60 rounds to 48.[4]
    • In Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer, the capacity increased back to 60.
  • The M7S can be fired while zoomed-in. The smart-link scope displays the sight image on the user's HUD (not the reflex sight).
  • It is more accurate at long ranges.
  • It deals slightly less damage.
  • It fires slightly faster