The M8C Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Cannon is a UNSC heavy weapon utilized in the post-war years. Its most prolific use is as the alternate primary armament of the G79H-TC/MA Pelican gunship.[1]


Vehicle-mounted variants of the M6 G/GNR have been found on UNSC aerial vehicles since at least 2531, as the primary armament of the AV-22 Attack VTOL. The M8 entered service at some point after the war, and by mid-2557, the M8C model was regularly mounted on the G79H-TC/MA Pelican gunship.


The M8C is presumably powered by a large Series 6971 battery, like its smaller cousin, the M6. It is at least three times as powerful as the portable variant,[2] and is capable of downing Phantoms in just two hits. It is an extremely formidable anti-material weapon, and its blast radius is able to destroy multiple Wraiths in one hit. While its potency diminishes with distance, its beam is presumably lethal for a range of several miles.


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  2. In Spartan Ops, Fireteam Crimson uses an armory of M6 G/GNRs against a squad of Phantoms. It takes six direct hits from the weapon to destroy one Phantom. In the campaign level, Shutdown, the Master Chief uses a M8C to destroy a fleet of Phantoms as well. It takes only two direct hits from the laser to destroy them. Using a glitch on certain Spartan Ops missions, Crimson can pilot a Pelican and use it against enemy armor. While an M6 usually requires at least two direct hits to destroy a Wraith, the splash damage from the M8C is enough to destroy a Wraith in a single hit.

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