The M8 Automated Defense System, otherwise known also as Wolf Spider, is an automated defense turret utilized by the United Nations Space Command and produced by Misriah Armory. Consisting of multiple turrets operating as one, Wolf Spiders can be used to defend an area from enemy ground and air forces. Use of the Wolf Spider though has been reserved for the Office of Naval Intelligence only, which deploys these systems to sites of critical importance.[1]


Each Wolf Spider pop-up turret is synchronized to work collectively to track targets and create overlapping fields of fire. Its machine gun is mounted on a mechanical arm which emerges from a hatch on top of the pod and fires 12.7x99mm rounds from a 10,000 round drum. This weapon is aimed through a series of low-mounted optics which can determine a target's vector and distance from the gun.[1]

However, each Wolf Spider pod must be activated individually by way of a keypad. If the weapon sustains serious damage, an automatic killswitch is tripped and the weapon will retreat back into the pod for protection.[1]

During the Fall of Reach, four Wolf Spiders were deployed around Dr. Catherine Halsey's lab in the Babd Catha Forerunner Complex.[2]




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