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The MG460 Automatic Grenade Launcher, MG460 AGL for short,[1] is a vehicle-mounted UNSC grenade launcher found mounted on the UH-144 Falcon. It appears in place of the Falcon's usual fuselage-mounted machine guns. It is semi-automatic, as opposed to the M319's single-shot break-action. As with the M319, the user can hold down the trigger to delay detonation, and release the trigger to detonate the grenade manually. Just as with the M319, detonating the grenade manually will trigger an EMP burst.

The weapon has an electronic counter on its side, which goes from 'READY' to 'IN AIR' when launched, and displays 'BOOM' when it detonates.


  • This weapon is similar to the modern day Mk 19 AGL, which is automatic and can also be mounted on aircraft.
  • The grenades fired explode on impact, unless you hold down the trigger button.
  • It should be noted that it is actually semi-automatic, not fully automatic as the name claims.
  • It is not present in multiplayer for balancing reasons




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