The MLX is a civilian vehicle.[4] In street form, it was a luxury sports car that seated two.[5] It was also a race car, being the winning vehicle for a number of race teams.[3]

Class HistoryEdit

The MLX was introduced sometime in the early 2510s.[3]

Felicia Sanderson stole an MLX and went joyriding in 2524. Due to this act, she was forced into joining the Colonial Military Administration.[citation needed]

Even as late as 2552, the residents of Mombasa were still driving the MLX.[2]


This vehicle is a standard chassis suspended on two independent suspension axles while the engine is likely housed in the front. It appears to be a futuristic version of a 21st-century sports car with its two-door system and small frame, built for speed and style.

The chassis was extremely adaptable, leading to 26th-century hot rodders looking for the vehicle.[3]


Halo 2Edit

It is not usable in-game without mods, but can be destroyed with sufficient weapons fire, making it a possible hazard for units within the blast radius. As a civilian vehicle, the car is lightly armored. It only takes one M7 magazine, or a grenade blast to completely decimate the vehicle.


Like the Überchassis, the MLX is seen in the Halo 2 level Outskirts. However, it is not seen in Metropolis or any multiplayer maps, as the Überchassis is. It and the Überchassis also cannot be found in Halo 3: ODST's depiction of New Mombasa, as they were replaced in favour of the Genet.



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