The MX-1050 Quantum Plane Translocation Marker - Local/Hybrid, more commonly known as the translocation artifact, was a Forerunner device found on Requiem.


In 2558, Jul 'Mdama's Covenant began searching for the artifact in a volcanic region of Requiem. Fireteam Crimson arrived discovering the artifact, acquiring it for the UNSC. Covenant reinforcements arrived but Crimson held them off until a Pelican arrived for extraction.

On board the UNSC Infinity, the device activated without warning and emitted an orange pulse which began to drain the ship's power. The device was disabled by Commander Sarah Palmer kicking it. Dr. Henry Glassman was told to examine it, but Glassman accidentally re-activated the artifact which teleported him to a Covenant base. Jul 'Mdama saw it as a gift and decided to spare his life until his usefulness was used up.

Dr. Catherine Halsey was brought on board to study the artifact and concluded it was interacting with Infinity's engines which were based on Forerunner designs and transmitting to a location on Requiem.

The artifact would later translocate Gabriel Thorne to Requiem's surface. Jul would use the artifact the same way by dispatching Promethean Knights to kidnap Halsey from Infinity. Worse yet for the humans, the artifact acted as a slipspace anchor that prevented Infinity from moving away from Requiem.

After Thorne and Glassman's escape from the Covenant, they were pursued by Jul's assassin Gek 'Lhar, who was killed by Majestic. On his body, they found a holographic map, which Glassman later determined reveals the locations of two more artifacts on Requiem similar to the one on Infinity and that disabling them would free Infinity. Fireteams Majestic and Crimson made haste as Jul set the planet to collide with the sun and Infinity along with it. As the artifacts on Requiem were deactivated, the one on Infinity detached from the floor, freeing the ship.

The two Requiem artifacts were destroyed when the planet collided with the sun, while the one on Infinity was destroyed as well after the artifact was ejected from Infinity while the ship escaped the system.


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