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“Machine pistols are sloppy, but when I need to fight Flood infection forms, sloppy's the best thing on the menu.”
— Private Lewis Allen[1]

The Machine Pistol is a UNSC automatic handgun, only seen so far in a TACSIM simulation.


These guns are great for dealing with infection forms, just run to give yourself space, then turn and spray. This often leaves only one or two alive. Do not overestimate their usefulness against the brighter yellow infection forms though, as each of those take 2 or 3 hits from the gun to kill.

Where possible, avoid engaging any other enemy types with this gun. If forced to use these against combat forms due to lack of ammo on your secondary weapon, a useful tactic is to come as close as you can while staying out of its melee range, and just holding the trigger until it falls. This is very wasteful ammo-wise however.



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