This article is about the planet. For the music piece from Myth, see Siege of Madrigal.

Madrigal was a thriving UNSC Outer Colony world in the 23 Librae system,[2] and is the only planet within 23 Librae's habitable zone.[3]

History Edit

The Battle Edit

It was the closest world to Harvest in 2525,[4] and in 2528 Madrigal followed Harvest, Second Base, and Green Hills to become the fourth known colony glassed by the Covenant.[5] Insurrectionists played a large role in evacuating many of the colonists, most of whom were children. For example, in the city of Nueva Lima, Insurrectionist cargo ships rescued many colonists just before the planet was glassed.[6] The future Arbiter, Thel Vadamee fought in the destruction of Madrigal.[7]

Covenant's Return Edit

In 2535, two Covenant ships, Retribution's Thunder and A Psalm Every Day, returned to Madrigal, having tracked "stolen" Covenant weapons to that system and found it completely glassed with no sign of survivors. The survivors had actually fled to the asteroids, nicknamed the Rubble, trailing the gas giant Hesiod.[8] Later, with the help of the UNSC Midsummer Night and Spartan Gray Team, the Rubble was evacuated after the Battle of the Rubble and the Battle of Metisette. They used the Habitat Exodus to reach UNSC controlled space and safety once more to, the excitement of everyone to have survived back from behind enemy lines.

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  • Madrigal was a city in Bungie's Myth series, as well in the Siege of Madrigal, a music piece from Myth. While the song had been in the Halo franchise as an Easter Egg for some time, it was only upon publication of Halo: Contact Harvest that its namesake became canon.
  • Most of Madrigal's population seemed to be of Latino or Hispanic descent. This may be connected to the fact that the planet is named after localities in Spain on Earth, such as Madrigal de las Altas Torres and Madrigal del Monte, municipalities in Castile and León and Madrid, Spain.



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