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Det And Makee

Makee and the Young Boy, named Det.

Makee is an orphaned human who was raised by the alien Covenant and shared their contempt for humanity. She was a Blessed One, capable of activating ancient artifacts that are critical in the Covenant religion.


Early Life[]

Makee was raised on the planet Oban and lived in harsh conditions due to the neglect of the planet. The inhabitants were forced to work by UNSC soldiers and badly beaten if they disobeyed. Her only friend was a young boy who taught her how to read. Moments after they shared their first kiss, they were interrupted by the UNSC soldiers, who demanded the children return to work. They tried to run away but the boy was caught and killed by the soldiers.

The Covenant arrived on the planet and killed the soldiers before scouring the planet for what they sought. Two Elites hovered over Makee, with one believing the object was behind the creature, but the other, who wielded a device, revealed that the creature was what they were looking for.[1]

They brought Makee to High Charity, where she met Mercy, a member of the Covenant High Council, who protected her. He tutored her and taught her of the Great Journey, with her learning that she could activate ancient relics in the Covenant religion called keystones. She was deemed a Blessed One for her gifts. She became a revered member of the Covenant, often handing out orders and receiving guidance from the High Council.

Search for the Artifact[]

Makee sought out the next keystone for the Covenant, and sent the Elite to the planet of Madrigal where they were tasked with excavating the object. Their efforts were sidelined by the insurrectionists, leading to a battle that massacred all of the outpost and left only one Elite survivor. He witnessed a Spartan soldier activate the object and fled Madrigal. When he returned to High Charity, he told Mercy, who in turn, alerted Makee of the events. She was reading a book by humans, which Mercy understood as her hoping to learn the minds of their enemies.[3] Makee interrogated the Elite soldier who witnessed the event and listens to his story. Mercy concludes that it is one of the keystones they have been looking for. Truth wants the keystone, so Makee volunteers to retrieve it. She can move among the humans in a way the rest of the Covenant cannot. Mercy is reluctant as it's dangerous. She counters that he took her in, tutored her, and taught her the Great Journey. She wants to deliver the gift herself as it will lead them to the sacred ring.[4]

Halo 103 Makee-Still

Makee assumes the appearance of an unsuspecting human, although Mercy wonders over what she'll do with the Demon, as it's natural that she's curious about others who share her abilities. She assures him that she isn't and will not only bring back the keystone, but the Demon's head for Mercy. She then takes a Covenant corvette into the slipspace where she encountered a UNSC gladius ship. She sends out a civilian distress call and pretends she was kidnapped by the Covenant, who fled the ship after the engines failed. Captain Yates allows her to board but has the soldiers search Makee to ensure she's unarmed. He welcomes her aboard and assures her that she's safe. Makee betrays them by commanding Covenant creatures to attack the UNSC soldiers, killing them all. She restrains Captain Yates and demands to know where he took her keystone, but he doesn't know what she's talking about. She tries to pressure him to answer but he refuses to betray his people. She kills him using an implanted energy sword in her nail. It retracts back into her skin. She searches the ship for answers on the keystone, but her search is futile. She radios Mercy to tell him of her plans to travel to Madrigal and track the keystone from there.[1]

She arrives on Madrigal and examines the former location of the keystone, but finds nothing in its place. The Elite inform her that their technology detects the activation of the larger keystone. Makee touches the walls where the stone was before, and receives a vision of where they can find the larger keystone. The Covenant attacks the planet of Eridanus II and a bloody battle commences. The Covenant ultimately intercept the keystone and procure it. Makee tells the Covenant to make her exit look believable, so they promptly drop Makee from the ship before vanishing. She looks up at an approaching Master Chief before passing out.[2]

Connecting with John[]

Halo 106 Miranda-Makee-Still

Now a refugee at the UNSC, Dr. Miranda Keyes does an examination of Makee and records her unconscious mumblings of Shangheli. Before Makee passes out again, she shares that she was kidnapped as a child by the Covenant and raised by them. She's willing to talk but only to Master Chief, who reluctantly agrees to a meeting. He presses her for information but she doesn't have any to give. She tells him the location of where the Covenant might take the object, but has never been there herself. She wonders why he doesn't trust her, and he intimidates her as he reveals the bloodshed of his people at the hands of the Covenant. He sees Makee's arrival as convenient. He questions why he should trust her. She reveals that she can activate the keystones as he can as they are the same. She comes to realize that he does know of his role as a Blessed One, but not everything that it entails. He leaves before she can elaborate.

Halo 106 Makee-Still2

John learns that he and Makee have an identical genetic match and an anomality that Miranda believes contributes to their connection to the artifact. This anomaly occurs twice in a billion. John returns to Makee when his search for the planet she gave up bears no results. As he spirals, Makee notices his declining condition and attributes it to his connection to the keystone. She suffered the same fate when the Covenant shoved lesser stones into her hands. At first, the visions were beautiful and alluring, drawing her back to unlock more about herself. The visions became darker and more gruesome but she went back still, drawn to the mysteries it held even as it killed her. She believed herself to be dying until the Prophets told her to embrace the visions instead of fighting them off. When she did, she was freed from the pain. She encourages John to reconnect with the keystone as he will be at peace when the two keystones are one.

Halo 106 John-Makee-Still

After he leaves, a nurse and MP watch over her to see if she'll eat, but she is only interested in finding Master Chief as she needs to speak with him. She knows that something bad is going to happen but they won't listen to her. She attacks the nurse when she suddenly drops to the ground as if she's having a seizure. From afar, Halsey monitors both their vitals and draws a direct link to John, who is activating the smaller keystone. As they both reach the brink of death, their vitals suddenly return to a normal state, albeit their consciousness reuniting in another dimension. The dimension is beautiful and serene. They make their way to one another as their vitals become identical, their bodies completely synching. As they stare at one another, Master Chief touches her cheek before ending his connection with the stone. Makee awakens on the floor of her cell, stunned by what she just witnessed.[5]

John visits her the next day, offering to take her into Reach City. He urges her not to be afraid, offering his had at the shuttles. She is taken with the green life and way humans interact with one another. She recites a passage from a book a friend read to her as a child. He always said their places with tree, green grass to walk on, and lights in the sky. She remembers her friend and the kiss they shared. They walk to a group of trees that he uses as cover from the MP's and drone monitoring them. He reveals that he saw her on the ring, as she saw him too, but wonders how he did it. He just let go as she told him too. He wonders if that was the Halo, and she believes it has to be. She's felt a connection to it her whole life, like a yearning for home. He brought them there. John asks what it is and why the Covenant want it so badly. She shares the Covenant's prophecy that a great wind will take all those worthy to the sacred ring, the Halo, where they will be as gods. Those who are unworthy will be cleansed. She believes human life isn't worthy of this great journey, or anything, for that matter. John disagrees with her assessment. The visions he saw of of his childhood were filled with goodness, a capacity for hope, and love, as there's something special in humans that is sacred and worth protecting. John is called away by the MP's, leaving Makee alone to be startled by a barking dog. The fear response triggers her implanted energy sword. as the Covenant glass a planet with a population of three million, so Makee returns to her quarters.

As she reflects on everything that happened, John visits her as the UNSC will let her touch their artifact to locate the Covenant planet. They trust Master Chief, who trusts Makee in return. He gives her the book she described to him. He pulled it from the archives and notes that others are there too that she can read whenever she wants. Even though this isn't the exact replica of the book she read, he hopes she likes it. She is touched by the gesture and places her hand on his chest to thank him. They kiss before having sex. Afterwards, Makee stands by the sink and pries out her implanted energy sword, which is attached to her nail. She tries to muffle the pain from the extraction before washing the evidence away.

Once alone in her room, Makee is contacted by Dr. Catherine Halsey, who projects herself into the rooms entertainment system using Miranda's biometrics. She wants to talk about John, a person she knows better than anyone. She's raised him since he was six. She knows they are fond of each other which makes her happy. John is in great danger, they both are, as the artifacts must never be delivered to the UNSC. Makee rebuttals that John thinks they are safe in humans control, so Halsey asks if she has the same opinion after living among them. Halsey loves humanity but views humans as being the problem as they're stuck. They're venal, selfish creatures who create misery and pain wherever they go. She knows humans will use the artifacts as weapons to destroy themselves. Makee doesn't think John would let that happen. Halsey presses that John does not exist and hasn't for many years, as only Master Chief is there as a product of the species who made him. Their gifts are to previous for either side, so they must control the Halo with Halsey's help. She thinks John will listen to Makee. They are cut off by a visiting guard who heard voices. When he leaves, Halsey reappears to ask her to convince John to remove the artifact and bring it to her where she'll be waiting. They can tap into the intelligence of the Halo to unleash the trios full and true potential as a species. Makee realizes Halsey wants to become like a god just as the Covenant and has heard enough.

John comes for Makee later that evening to take her to the secure room for the artifacts testing. She asks what they will do when they find the Halo. He wants to destroy the covenant to end the war. She wonders what comes after with the Halo, and he isn't sure yet. As they approach the doors to the next hallway, Cortana speaks to John privately, which confuses Makee. He stops her and tells her to run to safety and look for a marine to stay with before he comes for her. She's confused but runs off.

She runs to a marine but is brought to the secure room where Parangosky and Keyes are waiting. Makee tries to explain that John is in danger as the Spartans have turned on him, but Parangosky laughs at the ridiculous claim. She sees the artifact and speaks Shangheili. She explains that she escaped as John spoke with someone in his head, who Keyes notes as being Cortana. She was sent away but John stayed. Miranda rushes in shouting for them to keep Makee away from the artifact as it was Makee's voice on the Gladius recording. Makee tries to explain that she had no choice but an MP grabs her. As she struggles, he uses an electric rod to shock her.

She flashes back to her childhood and of being hurt. Makee calls out to the keystone in Shangheili, jarring the guards enough to where she can break free of their grasp. She steps forward and touches the keystone, making it emit an energy blast that knocks everyone in FLEETCOM to the ground and disrupting the technology in the vicinity. John, badly beaten by the Spartans, is taken to the Halo where he sees Makee. She says goodbye to him despite his protests.[6]

Fight for the Halo[]

Halo 109 Makee-Death-Still

Makee escapes FLEETCOM with the artifact and returns to High Charity to begin the ancient ritual to unlock the star map. Silver Team follows her to High Charity where an intense battle ensues as Silver Team is quickly overwhelmed. John sees Makee from afar, but faces an onslaught of attacks from the best of the Covenant. Makee makes contact with the now-assembled keystones to save John from the ambush. She succeeds as the blast knocks the Covenant to the ground and they proceed to kneel to watch the event unfold. When she touches the artifact both she and John are rendered unconscious and taken to the Halo. He tries to convince her stop what she's doing, to let go of the keystone, but she believes this is the right course of action. She asks for his help but he refuses, knowing it's wrong and will kill billions of people. He tries to persuade her but she is set that this is where they're meant to be. She then collapses before him from a bullet wound, dying in front of his eyes as Kai stands several feet away. She remarks to an emotional John that she didn't have a choice.

Survival and Fall of Reach[]

When Master Chief and his crew are on Sanctuary, he believes he sees Makee but he isn't sure. Makee was indeed on Sanctuary[7] and later reappears on Reach. At the Sword Base, Covenant soldiers invades the UNSC base on the orders of Makee. They kill several soldiers so she can steal the Eridanus II keystone.[8] The Covenant launch their attack on Reach by targeting the city first. Makee leads the Covenant and ultimately stops a Jackall from killing John. She insists it's not time yet for his death. She and John see each other and he's visibly in shock over the ordeal. Makee leaves the hangar without another glance to John. Reach falls to the Covenant forces.[9]


Makee is a calculated and intelligent woman who was raised by the Covenant race. As such, she inherited their disdain for the human race, a thought that was solidified in her childhood after she witnessed her best friend being murdered by the UNSC. Her life experiences have hardened her, giving her no hesitance when killing humans or innocents. She was devoted to the Covenant religion and eager to prove herself a worthy member of the Covenant empire, having much to prove as a Blessed One. She was quick to anger when the High Council questioned her loyalty to the Covenant, a belief rooted in her own insecurity of being a human and not a Covenant. She allowed herself to be vulnerable around Master Chief after their connection in the Halo.

She was ready to refuse the Covenant and removed her energy sword to solidify that choice. Halsey attempted to manipulate Makee but she saw through Halsey's lies. Makee was later outed as being the person behind the Gladius ship massacre, and was tortured with an energy rod as a result. This triggered her memories of being harmed as a child and she subsequently snapped, viewing all humans as equally responsible. She stole the artifact and escaped, but believed John's loyalty to her would prevail over both conflicting views. In the end, Makee's loyalty to the Covenant was futile as they could not see her as more than a human which they used to later discard her when they didn't need her, while the Spartans only saw her as Covenant.

Behind the scenes[]

Makee's Persons of Interest file:

Subject 4b4b45--E2-52
Aspero \\ Raas Kkotskha

Subject recovered on Eridanus II, claiming to have escaped from Covenant captivity and made use of an insertion pod to reach the surface. She has demonstrated extensive familiarity with the artifacts recovered to date, but claims to have no information of strategic significance about the Covenant.

Mechanism by which the subject is connected to the Madrigal artifact and Master Chief is unknown. Makee's cybernetic weapon implant device appears to be an extraordinarily compact plasma generator; analysis may prove useful in our own work.

Silver Team records indicate the subject was eliminated by Kai-125 at Covenant ritual site.


  • Makee has a miniature energy sword implanted into the tip of her nail that she summons at will. She uses this often in close-quarter combat.