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Maladus was a Jiralhanae stationed on the Covenant ship, the Valorous Salvation in 2552. His brother Ceretus was also stationed there, and they together took part in the slaughter of the human population of Beta Gabriel.[1]


The pack which crewed the Valorous Salvation was in fact the product of two separate packs which had recently been merged by the Covenant leadership. The two clans were ancient enemies that had fought even before the massive civil war that had knocked the Jiralhanae back to a pre-industrial state. Naturally led to tensions in the two factions with the pack. One clan, led by brothers Ceretus and Maladus, felt themselves to be the more intelligent faction of the pack, and their devout religious beliefs were more in line with those of the Prophets. The other faction, led by the pack's War Chieftain Parabum, believed only in muscle and tradition, and used relics in more opportunistic and disrespectful ways.

During the Fall of Reach Parabum exhibited cowardice when he ordered the ship to retreat from the massive attack and instead landed on the nearby Beta Gabriel. When they first arrived on the planet they hunted the humans they found there and feasted like never before. Ceretus and Maladus didn't even bother using their Spikers, as they had more fun killing them with their bare hands. As the number of humans dwindled they ate the Unggoy who had been aboard the ship, and Parabum instituted limits on hunting and eating the humans.

Shortly afterward Maladus snapped and challenged Parabum over his cowardice and abandonment of their duties to the Covenant. However, Parabum was stronger and mercilessly pummeled him into submission before tearing his throat out with his teeth, a sign of pure disrespect.[2] This served to further enrage Ceretus.

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