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Maller' was a UNSC Marine stationed aboard the prowler UNSC Red Horse.

Mona LisaEdit

Maller was stationed sent with Sergeant Lopez, Ngoc Benti, Clarence, and several other marines to investigate Mona Lisa. After breaching the ship, Maller, Simmons, Cranker and Sydney were ordered to guard the Pelican that brought them there, in case that they needed to get out quickly. The Flood eventually infected Maller and the other marines.

While he was infected, he and Cranker were waiting in front of the rear hatch of the Pelican, knowing that Burgundy, the pilot, was still inside. Not knowing that Maller and Cranker were infected but badly wounded, she opened up the rear hatch, only to see that Maller and Cranker were no longer human. They attacked Burgundy, injuring her and carried her off, ignoring Burgundy's pleas and begs for life. The two Combat forms that used to be Cranker and Maller brought Burgundy to the engine room where a Proto-Gravemind was being formed. They pushed Burgundy into the Proto-Gravemind where it would've absorbed her completely if Benti hadn't destroyed them all with a pair of grenades.