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Mamore is a UEG colony world in the Eridanus system.[1][2] It is one of the few UNSC worlds that have not been glassed.[citation needed]


The Insurrection[]

In 2511 a terrorist bomber from the Freedom and Liberation Party detonated a commercial nuclear explosive in the Haven arcology, killing 2 million people and injuring 8.3 million others.[2] After the attack, there was an increase in military forces present on the planet by the UNSC. Chyler Silva's parents were part of these forces that were sent to Mamore.[3]

In 2537, there was an Insurrection on Mamore, which was quickly and effectively put down by SPARTAN-III Alpha Company.[4]

Human-Covenant War[]

SPARTAN-B312 took place in a counter-insurgency operation on Mamore on May 10, 2552. Evidence indicates that the SPARTAN's talents as a Sabre pilot were exhibited. This won Colonel Urban Holland's approval and led to B312's reassignment to Noble Team.[5]


Perception of the Colony[]

Being sent to the Mamore colony is mentioned as a threat to Dorking in order to get him to believe Rani's story during the raid on Chawla Base when they're trying to find and turn off the Deep-Space Artifact.[6]

Important Groups[]

There is also some type of social group called the Kelorists who are all from Mamore. The group has a unique tattoo, a cross in the circle, that they use as a symbol of their association as a Kelorist.[6]


Mamore in I Love Bees[]

Trouble with the audio sample?

Partial Transcript of Treason.wav[]

Private: Excuse me, this entire building including the clean-room observation bay is strictly red badge and up--
Rani: --Security sweep! I'm going to have to ask you all to clear the building.
Private: But the standing orders --
Rani: --Sorry, orders.
Private: Well, I've got to see some identifi--
Rani: --Private! Dorking - if you want to go back to what ever mud-filled life you had on Mamore, you can stay in my face!
Private: Ma'am?
Rani: Do you know what the penalty is for chewing pickup sticks on duty, private?
Private: Pickup sticks? I never ch--
Rani: In the barracks, it's only a misdemeanor. But as soon as you walk through the front door of a Level 5 security zone, it became treason! Did you know that private?!
Private: Treason?

Trouble with the audio sample?

Partial Transcript of security_sweep.wav[]

Jan: Did Durga give you the Mamore thing?
Rani: Didn't you see his tattoo? That cross in the circle, he's a Kelorist. They all come from Mamore.


  • Mamora is a coastal town in Morocco. It fell to the Moors in 1515 and became a haven for the dreaded Barbary corsairs.

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