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The Marathon-class heavy cruiser is a cruiser classification used by the UNSC Navy.[2] The class was meant to be a replacement for the aging Halcyon-class light cruisers. Their numbers are limited and they are usually commanded by the highest-ranking officers.

Their numbers were heavily diminished during the Human Covenant war , and were subsequently replaced by the Autumn-class heavy cruiser. Though some still remain in service.

Class History[]

Human-Covenant war[]

During the early years of the Human-Covenant war, Marathons played a crucial role in defending the outer colonies, although most were destroyed in the duration of the war.

The UNSC Dresden would fight and be destroyed by the Covenant at the Battle of Biko.[5]

The UNSC Say My Name, as part of Battlegroup X-Ray, was part of the Second Battle of Harvest.

Multiple Marathons were also part of the Battle of Alpha Aurigae.[6]

The UNSC Prophecy would fight during the Harvest Campaign and be destroyed.[6]

Later Years[]

The remainder of these cruisers were slowly reassigned to the defense of the Inner colonies in the latter years of the Human-Covenant war.[7]

At least 4 Marathon cruisers were a part of the Battle of Camber.[8]

The UNSC Leviathan would engage the Covenant at the Battle of Sigma Octanus IV. By this time, there were twenty UNSC cruisers left in the Fleet.[7]

At least two cruisers, the UNSC Hannibal and the UNSC Leviathan, would participate in the Fall of Reach. Both ships would end up being destroyed.

At least eight, including the UNSC Canberra, the UNSC Feeling Lucky and the UNSC Say My Name, were present in the Fifth Fleet during the Battle of Earth.[9]

One was taken from Earth and was added to Battle Group Stalingrad for the Battle of Onyx.


Following the introduction of the Autumn-class heavy cruiser, most of the surviving Halcyon-class light cruisers and Marathon-class heavy cruisers were decommissioned, with just a handful of them remaining in service.[10]

Design Details[]

Marathon Cruiser Outline

The silhouette of a Marathon-class heavy cruiser.

At 1192 meters long, Marathon-class heavy cruisers are approximately three times the length of a UNSC frigate. They are equipped with thick layers of Titanium-A armor, and are able to sustain far greater damage than any UNSC frigate or destroyer. Due to their size, durability and firepower (2 MACs as well as dozens of oversized Archer Missile pods), these massive vessels are commanded by UNSC Admirals and primarily served as flagships for UNSC fleets.[4]

They were considered extremely valuable in terms of firepower and armor, and it was seen to by the UNSC admiralty that they were only used in the most dire and occasional of circumstances.

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