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March on Stormbreak, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 122-5[1], is a Warzone multiplayer map in Halo 5: Guardians. It is set on an unknown UNSC Military Base built on the Stormbreak mountain range on the planet Kamchatka.[2]


“The Stormbreak mountain range is the broken spine of Kamchatka, mended a thousand millennia ago by the Forerunners' godlike power. Shortly after Kamchatka's discovery, the UNSC set in motion a plan to establish a military complex and power station to control the planet's Forerunner sites.”


Image Name Location Value
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak CaptainWamik Captain Wamik Cargo Dock 150 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak CommanderLochagos Commander Lochagos Fortress 150 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak CovertMajor Covert Major Outpost 25VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak EliteGeneral Elite General Loading Bay 25 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak KnightBannerman Knight Bannerman Frozen Cave 25 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak KnightLuminary Knight Luminary Cargo Dock 25 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak SerpentHunter Serpent Hunter Loading Bay 25 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak SoldierCommando Soldier Commando Loading Bay 25 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak WardenEternal Warden Eternal Frozen Cave 150 VP
H5G Render-Boss-Stormbreak WraithOfficer Wraith Officer Cargo Dock 25 VP