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You heard the man, boys. It's time for some hazard pay!
— Stacker[1]

Master Sergeant Marcus P. Stacker is a veteran UNSC Marine Shock Trooper who fought during the Human-Covenant war.[2] He was assigned to the 7th Battalion of the 105th Shock Division and is currently stationed on UNSC Infinity.

Background and Personality[]

Marcus P. Stacker is a tough and energetic marine. Although he can be quite reckless in certain situations, he is a very competent leader who has seen his fair share of war. Having survived many battles including all discovered Halo Installations, Stacker has fought alongside John-117 on many occasions, often providing assistance in vital situations. Whether it is offering the SPARTAN-II a vehicle, weapon, or compliment, Stacker harbors great respect for SPARTAN 117. Having survived the Battle of Installation 00, and the end of the Human-Covenant war, he is one of the few surviving members of the UNSC that can say, truthfully, that they fought beside John-117.


Fall of Reach[]

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Stacker served during the Fall of Reach in 2552 under the call sign "Kilo 40."[3] He participated during the Raid of New Alexandria, communicating with Kilo 26 and Kilo Dispatch. Along with several other units, he assisted in the evacuation of civilians from Traxus Tower.[4] Stacker was in charge of managing the elevators and ordered Kilo 26 to fire on a Covenant Corvette overhead. Stacker was on board UNSC Pillar of Autumn by August 30.[5]

Battle of Installation 04[]

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Staff Sergeant Stacker was one of the many Marines who crash-landed on Installation 04 following the boarding of Pillar of Autumn. His lifeboat made a hard landing in a valley near a beam emitter on the ring world with him being one of the only five survivors of the crash.[6] He came under attack by Covenant forces but was rescued by John-117 and evacuated by Echo 419.

Sgt. Stacker then participated in the raid of the Truth and Reconciliation's landing zone and lead the Marine force that secured the Silent Cartographer.[7][8] Stacker was also in command of Fire Team Zulu which was shot down in a snowy valley while on patrol.[9] Stacker assisted John-117 in his push to the control room of the Installation but remained behind for extraction midway through the attack.

It is unknown exactly how Stacker escaped Installation 04, although it is likely that he escaped with Private Chips Dubbo.

Battle of Earth[]

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Stacker kills Elite

Stacker shooting a Sangheili.

Stacker was promoted to Gunnery Sergeant for his services after his return to Earth. During the Battle of Earth, Gunnery Sergeant Stacker was dispatched from UNSC In Amber Clad with a squad of ODSTs to relieve UNSC Marine infantrymen from the 405th regiment. His Pelican was shot down by a Scarab over Old Mombasa and crashed landed on an open beach near Hotel Zanzibar.[1]

Stacker and his Marines then joined John-117 and Cortana in chasing the Scarab walker.[10] Stacker relieved Staff Sergeant Banks of his authority over the command post as Banks assisted the SPARTAN-II in destroying the Scarab Walker.[11] Sergeant Stacker's efforts allowed UNSC forces to be supplemented, re-supplied, and eventually evacuated.

Sgt. Stacker was evacuated in UNSC In Amber Clad along with the rest of the 105th.

Battle of Installation 05[]

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Stacker was the senior NCO of In Amber Clad's ODST complement, leading the attack on Installation 05.[12] Stacker, John-117, Dubbo, and several other Marines managed to battle their way past Covenant defenses and secured the perimeter of the Prophet of Regret's holdout before pulling back to support Commander Miranda and Sergeant Major Johnson in an attempt to get the ring's Index.

Unfortunately, most of Stacker's men were killed by the Flood and the arriving Jiralhanae forces. Stacker and a few of his comrades were captured by Jiralhanae forces and taken to the surface of the ring to be executed by several Jiralhanae, but were saved by the timely arrival of the Arbiter.

Back to Earth[]

Stacker Firing BR

Stacker, narrowly escaping a Covenant ambush on Tsavo Highway

Main articles: Battle of Earth and Battle of Tsavo

Late in the Battle of Earth in Kenya, Stacker and Sergeant Major Johnson lead a Marine force that recovered John-117 after his atmospheric landing.[13] Gunnery Sergeant Stacker took command of First Squad which were acting as scouts for Johnson. Stacker and First Squad followed John-117 and Thel 'Vadam through the jungle and linked up with Bravo team's only survivor, Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds. After rescuing Sergeant Johnson and the remains of Second Squad, Stacker was evacuated to Crow's Nest.

After the Covenant assault of Crow's Nest, Stacker led a convoy presumably consisting of injured Marines or support forces. The convoy was intercepted by Covenant forces with Brute Choppers tearing through most of the survivors.[14] Having received the transmission, John-117 assisted Stacker in eliminating the Covenant forces. Stacker later accompanied John-117 to Voi.

Stacker and Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds managed to rally several squads of Marines and made an assault on Traxus Factory Complex 09 in South Voi, which was occupied by Covenant.[15] Reynolds and Stacker linked up with John and headed to the Shadow of Intent. Stacker left in a Pelican with John-117 and some ODST Troops, headed for the Ark. There, they eliminated Loyalist armored forces and anti-air batteries, paving the way for Lord Hood's Home Fleet to engage the Prophet of Truth above the Portal.

Battle of Installation 00[]

Marcus Pete Stacker H3

Stacker on Installation 00.

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During the Battle of Installation 00, Sergeant Major Johnson organized a makeshift UNSC-armored unit from UNSC Forward Unto Dawn for an assault on the Ark. Stacker commanded the platoon of M808 Scorpion MBTs against a battalion-sized Loyalist armored force outside of the complex and managed to eliminate a Scarab with John-117's help.[16] Later in the battle, he became part of an assault to destroy Covenant infantry and armored forces on the outskirts and beachhead of the Citadel, which the Prophet of Truth was located in.[17]

Stacker escaped back to Earth aboard the Shadow of Intent along with Gunnery Sergeant Reynolds and the rest of Forward Unto Dawn's surviving crew. He later attended the memorial for the UNSC fallen and was in charge of a 3-volley 7-rifle salute.


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At some point between the end of the Human-Covenant war and July 2557, Stacker was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant and stationed aboard UNSC Infinity. He was part of the Marine contingent sent to disable a gravity well generator that was preventing Infinity from escaping Requiem.[18]


  • Stacker's voice is usable in Halo: Reach's Firefight mode for 5,000 CR.[19]
  • He is named after his voice actor Pete Stacker, who also voiced Jacob Keyes in Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo: Reach.
  • In the level New Alexandria, if played on co-op, he will appear as the gunner on the second Falcon.
  • In the level Long Night of Solace, if played on co-op, he will appear as a pilot of one of the sabres.
  • In Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 3, he has a scar under one of his eyes that doesn't appear in Halo: Reach.
  • In Cairo Station, Stacker wears his service uniform with a major emblem instead of a Gunnery Sergeant emblem, like any other Marine (e.g. Avery J. Johnson and Marcus Banks) wearing his/her service uniform.
  • In Halo: The Flood, Stacker is substituted by Sergeant Waller and Sergeant Parker in his Halo: Combat Evolved appearances.
  • In Halo 3: ODST, he can sometimes be found at the Marine rally point near Kizingo Boulevard, despite the fact that he is on Installation 05 at the time. Additionally, there is an NMPD officer at the ONI Alpha Site who sports Stacker's voice and a cap similar to his.
  • He is characterized by his strong southern American accent, making him easier to spot out of all the other marines the player fights with.
  • Occasionally in Halo 2, mainly on the level Regret, a glitch occurs in which Stacker will appear, but will have Bank's voice and vice versa.
  • Stacker does not appear in person during the events of Halo 4 (in either the Campaign or Spartan Ops), but is clearly stationed somewhere on Requiem, as he can be heard over the radio addressing John during the Campaign level Reclaimer at the start of the chapter "The Gravity of the Situation."
  • Joyride studios created an action figure of Stacker based on his appearance in Halo: Combat Evolved. He came with a sniper rifle and shotgun featuring green detailing and a magnum.




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