Captain Maribeau Veredi was a CMA Naval officer during the beginning of the Human-Covenant war. He was the commanding officer of the CMA Heracles and commander of Battlegroup 4. He had the dubious honor of making first contact with the Covenant.



Captain Veredi led CMA Battlegroup 4, the battlegroup that first encountered the Covenant. The battle group consisted of his own ship, the destroyer CMA Heracles and two frigates, CMA Arabia and CMA Vostok. Their deployment was aimed to discover the fate of the colony on the planet, Harvest.[1]

They entered the Epsilon Indi system only to discover that everything on the planet had been completely incinerated and the surface melted down to glass by a plutonium reaction. This was later dubbed "glassing."

First ContactEdit

In orbit around the remains of the colony world was a single alien ship, which proceeded to attack the battle group, destroying both Arabia and Vostok and badly damaging the Heracles. Before the ship attacked the Battlegroup, Veredi attempted to follow the UNSC's first contact protocol to no avail.

Intercepted communications identified the enemy as "The Covenant." The message stated, "Your destruction is the will of the Gods, and we are their instrument." It was spoken in English directly, as opposed to being translated to UNSC personnel by their neural interfaces,[notes 1] showing that the Covenant was well aware of humanity.

Second Battle of HarvestEdit

Captain Veredi later served during the Second Battle of Harvest where he again commanded the repaired UNSC Heracles and accompanied Vice Admiral Preston Cole into the system.[verification needed]



  1. The SPARTAN-IIs are able to understand much of the Covenant's speech through their neural interface.


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