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Marvel Comics is an American comic book line published by Marvel Publishing, Inc., a division of Marvel Entertainment, Inc, and owned by The Walt Disney Company. Affectionately called "The House of Ideas" by the fan press, Marvel's best-known characters include Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Fantastic Four, the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, Daredevil, Thor and The Punisher. Most of Marvel's fictional characters are depicted as inhabiting a single shared world; this continuity is known as the Marvel Universe. — It was founded in the 1930s as a group of subsidiary companies under the name Timely Comics, and was generally known as Atlas Comics in the 1950s. However, Marvel's modern incarnation dates from the early 1960s, with the launching of Fantastic Four and other superhero titles created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko. Since the 1960s, Marvel has been one of the two largest American comics companies, along with DC Comics.

In 2006, Marvel partnered with Bungie Studios to create Halo's first official comic publication, the Halo Graphic Novel. One year later, it was announced that they would publish Halo's second comic adaptation, the Halo: Uprising series. Since then, they have created both Halo: Blood Line and Halo: Helljumper. The comic series,Halo: The Fall of Reach(based on The Fall of Reach), went into production to promote Halo: Reach.