Technical Petty Officer First Class Mary Murphy was a UNSC technician and crew member of the UNSC Pillar of Autumn in 2552. She was present when that vessel crashed on Installation 04 and at the subsequent Battle of Installation 04.

During the Battle of Installation 04, she worked with Petty Officer Third Class Xaing Cho and Petty Officer Third Class Pauley at Alpha Base. Murphy led the Naval Team. All three survived the attacks and subsequently failed to land on the Pillar of Autumn. She monitored air traffic and told AI Wellsley when there was a problem. She allowed Pelicans and other airships to land if they needed to resupply or drop off troops, or just stop flying for the day.[1] She was killed when POW Lieutenant Rick Hale landed his Pelican, Charlie 217, in the base, dropping off thirty Special Operations Sangheili who were led by Commando Zuka 'Zamamee. Once the base commanders knew what was happening, the Marines banded together and killed most of the Sangheili. 'Zamamee and a few other survivors fled underground, killing many of the technicians, including Murphy, Xaing Cho, and Pauley.

Murphy took the initiative to take the safeties off of the base's 50mm defensive turrets to stop the Covenant Dropships that were soon going to arrive with Covenant reinforcements. Luckily for the base, she did this before she was killed.[2] The last thing Murphy heard before dying was 'Zamamee's laugh.

Mary's work helped Wellsley stop part of the Covenant infiltration force, destroying one of the dropships and killing dozens of enemy passengers.

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