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Mason Hundley (SN: 33867-92654-MH) is a Lieutenant, Junior Grade in the Office of Naval Intelligence.[1]


Early life[]

Hundley was born on Luna in 2532. His father worked as an excavator pilot and his mother was a teacher at the Officer Candidate School.[1]

At a young age Hundley learned how to fly heavy-grade ice farm equipment and helped his father perform spotting and excavation runs on Mare Frigoris (the Cold Sea). When he was 13 years old his father died when his skiff ran into severe winds while on a retrieval maneuver over the coastlines of the Procellarum basin. This event would have a huge affect on Hundly and the course of his life.[1]


After completing secondary school on Earth at UNSC firebase in Borneo, he enlisted in the UNSC Navy where he would serve in the Home fleet for several years before being recruited by ONI where his job was to carry out intel operations concerning the Covenant in the Outer Colonies.[1]


In 2556 Hundley was stationed on Sedra together with his colleague Jordan Gaines. He was there, alongside Jameson Locke's team to investigate terrorist activity on the colony. When a Sangheili Zealot activated a bioweapon, he and Gaines were both subjected to it. Locke took both of them to a nearby hospital of the Sedran Colonial Guard, but they both eventually died because of the bioweapon's effect.[2]