HaloReach - Master Chief Statue

The untextured Master Chief model.

The Master Chief Statue is an easter egg found in Halo: Reach on the campaign level Lone Wolf.[1]


The statue is an untextured model of John-117, found on a section of the Aszod ship breaking yards which is normally unaccessable during gameplay.

It is currently unknown why Bungie put it there, though it is possible that Bungie originally planned on having John-117 play a bigger role in the Halo: Reach campaign, instead of only giving him a cameo appearance (at the end of the level The Pillar of Autumn).


After playing the level Lone Wolf, go to Theater mode and pause the camera a few seconds into the level. Then, rewind to the very beginning of the clip and detach the camera. You should now see a large segment of the Aszod yards, which form the background in the actual level.

Zoom over to the shipyards, and in between the two yellow cranes is a tiny Master Chief model.


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