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This article is about the Halo 2 character. For the UNSC Marine Corps rank, see [[Master Gunnery Sergeant]].

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“Hah, my ass! Well, you can forget about those adjustments to your A2 scope! And you're sure as hell not gettin' one of the new M7s!”
— Master Gunnery Sergeant[1]

This unnamed Master Gunnery Sergeant was a non-commissioned officer in charge of Cairo Station's armory. He helped John-117 get outfitted into his new Mark VI armor.[2]


Shortly after John-117 arrived at Cairo Station, the Master Gunnery Sergeant fitted him with the Mark VI armor that Maria-062 had tested earlier. The Master Gunnery Sergeant also briefed John-117 on the shields of the new armor. Later, he was killed when Covenant forces invaded the station. Two Elites entered his armory and fired upon him, and he returned fire with an M90 Shotgun. He was shortly killed by the pair of Elites as John-117 entered his armory to assist him.[2]


  • If the player waits underneath the Armory away from the stairs before entering it, the Gunnery Sergeant is invincible. He will hold off the two Covenant Elites, but he cannot kill them and will die as soon as the player enters the Armory. On Legendary, one can wait as he takes down the Elite's shield before going up and engaging them.
  • On a very rare occasion, and if you move fast enough, you can kill the Elites and save the Master Gunnery Sergeant. However, he does not move. It's impossible to save him unless you find a way around the Kill Trigger situated on the staircases/or scripted in the raising of the entrances.