Maybe Next Time Buddy is a Halo 3 multiplayer achievement. It's obtained by boarding the same vehicle within 10 seconds of having been thrown off of it in any free for all playlist. The achievement gives the player with 5 gamerpoints.

This achievement is represented by a red octagon with a hand making a "Stop" sign. This achievement's icon is identical to the emblem entitled "Halt."

The vehicle must still have the hijacker in it; if you kill them and then board the vehicle, the achievement does not count.

Tips[edit | edit source]

An easy way to unlock this achievement is to get the Ghost on Snowbound and drive it into the underground section where the Shotgun spawn is. Simply wait for someone to get up to the Ghost and hijack it, and since there is not much room for the hijacker to move, you can very easily hijack the Ghost back without the enemy getting away. However, it is advised you stay very near the shield doors. Otherwise, the hijacker may use the Twin Plasma Cannons on the Ghost to finish you off.

This achievement can be pretty hard for some, since a lot of people don't like to use vehicles in Free for All, and most of them prefer using Mongooses sometimes, as you are usually the one that draws all the attention. This led people to gather at the start of a match and exchange vehicles, before resuming the fight again. Also, once you get kicked out of the vehicle you seem to stall and you can't move easily making it hard to re-board the vehicle. So it is sometimes recommended you immediately deploy a Bubble Shield to increase your chances of surviving (Watch out for splatters though). On Snowbound, try to make sure you're being hijacked very close to the Overshield spawn point as once the Overshield enters your shielding system, you will be invincible for a few seconds until the shield fully charges, and thus, the Ghost hijacker cannot kill you by splattering you or killing you with the Plasma Cannons. Also a good way is (make sure you have a power drain), when you get hijacked, throw a power drain, so it can't splatter or shoot you, and then re-hijack it.

This multiplayer achievement is unique because it is one of the only achievements that does not require a ranked playlist. This means that, with a guest, you can arrange the completion of this achievement on Rumble Pit. Often players will help each other get this achievement in Lone Wolves by simply letting a player hi-jack them then the other player letting them re-hi-jack them. If a player doesn't want to "cheat" to get the achievement, it can be pretty tricky.

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