The McFarlane Toys Halo: Reach Vehicle Series is a series of five-inch action figures made by McFarlane Toys based on the vehicles in the upcoming game, Halo: Reach. So far, there are three figures that are known to be in the series.

They were set to be released September 2010.[1]

United Nations Space Command[edit | edit source]

Warthog[edit | edit source]

The Warthog figure is modeled after the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle with a M41 Light Anti-Aircraft Gun. The figure can hold up to three five-inch SPARTAN figures made by McFarlane. It features includes rolling wheels, turning steering wheel, spinning gun turret, and the turret can be elevated.

Covenant[edit | edit source]

Ghost[edit | edit source]

The Ghost figure is based on the Type-32 Rapid Assault Vehicle. It can hold one figure of various sizes that was made by McFarlane. It features pivoting nose guns, moving wing flaps, rotating grip controls, and a sliding seat.

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