After waiting for over a year, McFarlane Toys is back with their third series of Halo 4 action figures. This series includes many characters seen in Spartan Ops and more.

Individual Packs Edit

Commander Sarah Palmer Edit

The first figure of the series three lineup is the deadly Spartan Sarah Palmer, who is seen in the campaigns of Halo 4 and Halo: Spartan Assault, and can also be heard yelling commands from above during the Spartan Ops missions. The commander comes in her trademark white/red Scout armor and includes dual-wielding Magnum pistols.

Spartan Gabriel Thorne Edit

The next figure, the main protagonist of the Spartan Ops series, is Spartan Gabriel Thorne. He comes in his blue Recruit armor, an armor used by most Spartan IVs, and wields an Assault Rifle. This is also the first Recruit action figure McFarlane Toys has released.

Spartan Soldier (Walgreens Exclusive) Edit

Although this is the fourth Soldier figure McFarlane Toys has released, it is the first exclusive and first one to have a primary and secondary color applied. Painted in a red/white color, it includes a Battle Rifle. This figure is an exclusive and can only be found in Walgreens stores near you.

Jul 'Mdama Edit

The last figure in the series three lineup, is Jul 'Mdama's Covenant leader and the main enemy in the Spartan Ops series. Jul 'Mdama, comes in a dark blue Sangheili Zealot class armor and wields the menacing Energy Sword.

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