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UNSC standard issue MRE, menu 12.

The concept of battlefield Meals, Ready-to-Eat, or "MREs" for short, has not changed much over the past six hundred years. MREs are carried aboard UNSC vessels for use on the battlefield. A conventional MRE contains a single meal, consisting of pre-cooked food which has been vacuum-sealed into plastic containers or pouches so as to prevent spoiling.[1]

These MREs are designed so that the contents remain edible for months, or even years, if need be. MREs are typically used in areas of combat where constructing a kitchen facility is not possible, or practical due to time or safety constraints. Each HEV stores a number of MREs for the landed ODSTs.[2] The ODSTs who landed on Installation 04 had ample supplies to set up Alpha Base, including MREs.

MREs can be seen on the Halo: Reach level The Package, scattered outside of Halsey's lab.


MREs have conventionally contained a number of food items, and there are usually dozens of different meals and variations so that not every MRE contains the same meal. This is so that soldiers may have a variety in their Diets while in a hostile area. Some of the materials that could be found in an MRE may include:

The opinion of MREs in the Halo Universe is unknown except that Dr. Halsey had a dislike for them, however many military autobiographies in the Early 21st century recorded negative opinions, being somewhat nasty to eat.


  • The MREs scattered around Halsey's lab were probably intended for a long term stay at Sword base.



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