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The Mega Turret firing at UNSC forces.

The Mega Turret is a giant ground stationary weapon built by the Covenant. It is designed as a long-range, heavy plasma mortar.


The Mega Turret is an Uber unit found in Halo Wars, and is exactly what its name implies. Capable of dishing out considerable damage against enemy units, it is a Covenant Turret that fires three bolts of superheated plasma in quick succession anywhere on the map even beyond your line of sight, doing very high damage to nearby enemy units.


The Covenant Mega Turret can be found on three levels throughout the campaign, and is almost always under Covenant control. It is advised that the player destroy it as soon as possible when it is in Covenant hands, as it will harry and pummel your forces continuously if not taken care of. On the level Arcadia Outskirts, the Mega Turret is an optional objective to destroy,[1] and should be eliminated as soon as possible, again, because of its power. An exception to the Mega Turret always being in Covenant control is found on the level Escape, where the turret is neutral at the beginning of the level. This turret should be taken as quickly as possible to avoid the Covenant getting their hands on it and to give the player a huge advantage. It should be noted that this turret does not appear in co-op.


The Mega Turret appears in the middle of the skirmish map Tundra. It is defended by a small force of rebels, however, they are rather strong with 3 veterancy stars. If taken, the turret will prove a huge tactical advantage over your foes; given its ability to hit targets out of your line of sight. This turret, unlike those seen in campaign, is indestructible and has a recharge time in between volleys.

Locations in Halo Wars[]

The Mega Turret appears in the following Halo Wars levels:



  • Tundra - Center of the map, guarded by rebel troops.



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