“I fired first. I fired second. I fired the third time, too.... One of the other Jackals fired fourth.”
— Melko Hollister

Melko Hollister was a resident of The Rubble.[1] He was a great friend of Ignatio Delgado, and his co-pilot on the Distancia. He died from wounds acquired from a plasma weapon handled by a Jackal after attempting to save navigation data that would reveal Earth's location to the Covenant. He was extremely close to Ignatio Delgado, and was trusted for a limited amount of time the navigation index to Earth as well as his homemade variance of an M6 Pistol, crafted by Delgado's uncle. Following his death, his parents harbored ill feelings toward Ignatio, as they had not wanted Melko to risk his life protecting the NAV data. His remains were cremated and then laid around in the Oaks Habitat in The Rubble.


  • Melko may be younger than Ignatio Delgado as Delgado called him mijo,a Spanish term meaning "My son" and is used by elders to call or beckoned younger males to them.



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