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While most Forerunner technology appears to support safe usage over immense passages of time, the failure of specific systems can cause a cascading effect which dramatically impacts a site’s foundational composition. This frigid moon’s icy conditions once served to control a Forerunner reactor’s intense heat, but those days are now long gone.

Meltdown, also known as War Games Map_Set/: 232-8,[1] is a multiplayer map for Halo 4. The map is set on an unknown icy moon on which a Forerunner reactor is experiencing a catastrophic meltdown, melting icy areas and leaving rough terrain exposed.[2]


The shape of this large-scale map is based on a figure-8 loop carved into an icy canyon, with pathways and tunnels running through the rock to allow for infantry combat on the upper paths as well as vehicular Big Team Battle gameplay on the lower paths. The map will also feature numerous man cannons that send players and vehicles to various locations within the map.