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Merg Vol was a Sangheili commander and the leader of Merg Vol's Covenant.

Biography Edit

Vol was the primary tactician responsible for orchestrating the Battle of Draetheus V, ignoring the Human-Sangheili ceasefire treaty of 2552. Decimating the UNSC Navy in orbit before landing on its moon X50, Vol activated the moon, which was revealed to be a powerful Forerunner artifact. The artifact began violently deconstructing the planet below, leading to a full UNSC evacuation.

During the final stages of the conflict Merg Vol was hunted down and eventually killed by Sarah Palmer in single combat at the foot of the artifact, the last human soldier remaining on the planet. His fleet met its destruction throughout the course of the battle, his Remnant sect coming to an end.


  • Merg Vol makes use of multiple Armor Abilities and carries four weapons at once, making him the most heavily outfitted enemy in the game.
  • It is stated by Roland that Vol considered himself a successor to the High Prophets, and that he believed himself to be the sole individual with the right to use X50's power.
  • Merg Vol's most trusted commander was Parg Vol, a Sangheili terrorist that would later serve under Jul 'Mdama during the Second Battle of Requiem.
    • It is possible that Parg Vol was a relative of Merg Vol.
  • Vol wears armor extremely similar to Jul 'Mdama's, including the Forerunner symbol on the forehead of his helmet, however Merg Vol's armor is gold instead of dark blue.



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