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  • Your recent upload did not conform to Image Policy. Duplicates and low quality images are not allowed to be uploaded or they'll be deleted. Also properly name you images so that is not something like "28829120 871773026316550 1332789346 n.jpg".

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    • My apologies, still getting used to the editor system. First time. 

      By the way, I'm trying to add a gallery to the "Arclight" article, and it refuses to save or anything like that. I can't save changes, and cannot add a gallery. 

      Is that the website being annoying, or is that an Admin only kinda thing?

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    • Hmm the article isn't locked and you're not banned so it may just be a wiki issue. Try it again later.

      Also, I saw the image you were trying to add to the Arclight page. That image is very poor in quality and not to mention the black bars on the top and bottom. I recommend using another image or editing it beforehand.

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    • Ah, all good, thanks for the heads up. 

      I apologise in advance for any dud pictures, just thought I'd add a few to some pages. How did you get the background of the Corpsemaker image to be the grey, by the way?

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    • The background itself isn't grey, it's transparent and it's has to be a png to be able to see it. Of course the image has to edited that way to be transparent in the first place.

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    • A FANDOM user
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