Lord of the STARS

aka I Was

  • I live in In the hearts of hatchlings all over the galaxy during their bedtime story
  • My occupation is Commenting on the internet
  • I am Male Kig-yar
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  • Hi

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  • I want to say I'm really sorry about all that on that thread. I just hate it when people do stuff like that. I didn't mean to spam your notifications and I wanted to apologize for that. I did say sorry in the comment section, but I didn't know if you saw it so I want to say sorry here. Please forgive me.

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  • Hayo STARS. It's Aya787 here. I was wondering what you and the others have been up to. You guys haven't been in the chat room recently and I am starting to worry. Not even ReDquinox has made any comments on my Blogs, and you know he always make comments. So I was hoping to talk to you guys in the Chat room sometime soon. And I hope you read my recent blog posts when you can. And don't forget to comment what you think!

    Thank you.

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