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  • I agree with your halo 6 theroy because it all comes down to this this trailer shows locke approaching the master chief saying and i quote "let us remember him as this (cam looks at the statue) and not this (he then points at the chief)" Thus showing that locke is going to kill the chief but hold on this trailer shows cheif approching locke saying "spartan locke your mission is over but mine is just begining" As we can tell from this eveidence that there must be a point in halo 6 (when it comes out) where you make a choice as either locke or the master chief each deciding the death of locke or chief if my theroy is correct one of the two die in halo 6 but then the question is what happend to the rest of blue team and the rest of fire team osiris. They either arent there or they got caught in a fire fight between one another amd cheif chases locke down and shoots him a few times or the other way around and locke is chasing chief. But what really gets me is at the end of both trailers it says #huntthetruth which means they want us to dig deeper and get excited about it. That is my theroy about halo six.

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