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I emailed you a little tidbit of my current work. I think it got through too (before I had been using a - rather than a _ in your email address and thus could not email you).--Rot 06:38, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

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IN the RP it says that there are 3 destroyers with the ONI forces, are they stealthed or just hiding? Due to recent events if they are not stealthed than they will be destroyed if they do not move, I would just like to know since (apparently) I am "controling" the ONI forces. If nothing else, should I take another role as the Commander of the UNSC Stealth Cruiser Call of the Wild? These are just my personal thoughts. --Omrifere 18:44, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

Thank you sir. I will do my best to serve in the best interests in the name of the UNSC. --Omrifere 00:23, 8 January 2007 (UTC)


idk if there is somethin ill ask u. anyways its awsome thanx -Also haloяÏΜFÏяΣthe rebel anarchistBlack sun 20:26, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

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Thanks for cleaning up my userpage! As you can see, I'm a bit of a n00b at stuff like that... Guesty-Persony-Thingy 23:56, 7 January 2007 (UTC)

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I figured the combined fire of five ships, plus the tactics used, plus the foolishness of the Elite ship master were the only reason the battlecruiser was destroyed. Later, the Fleet Master reviews the holovid and sees the foolishness and scoffs at the dead Elite. As for CDP, we are a game design company. We're putting together a source mod for Half-Life 2 currently, with several projects on hold. I work with mechanical level and concept design.--Rot 01:59, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

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Iv'e seen his talk page, it is really cruddy if you don't think so click here, and you will see i am right: user:floodspore


I am aware of them. I just have no reason to use them. I'm terribly lazy.--Rot 02:36, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

RE:En mortis est gloriamEdit

I believe that literally translated it means "In death is glory". My Latin isn't much better. An aquaintance of mine used it as the opening and closing of a really in depth, though short, fanfic he wrote. His final line read

Far Above Archus IX, the starships of the Inquisitorial Battlefleet Ultima Secundus unleashed hell on the tainted worlds that lay sprawled and burning before them. The flagship of the fleet, Torsten floated immobile at the rear of the formation; surrounded by Sword and Cobra frigates of the Echo and Libra squadrons.

The bridge of the Torsten was soundless, save for the soft chimes and bleeps of the servitor-manned command stations. The forward viewing dome was opened, and beyond the armoured glass, the scene of genocide played out with swift precision. Battle Barges of the Annihilator squadron surrounded each of the nine planets of the system, firing their planet-killer torpedoes and massive laser batteries at the surface of the worlds, raking their destruction across the surface of each planet until nothing was left but barren rock, spilling magma and smoke-choked atmosphere. Lord Inquisitor Harland Aril of the Ordo Xenos watched the final moments of the system with sorrowful eyes. He had seen this very same scenario, the death of worlds, too many times to count, but it never got any easier. Striking down heretics, daemons, and mutants was one thing, but when Imperial citizens had to be slaughtered to ensure the safety of others, the act could never be considered honourable nor could any take joy in the work. But regardless of how it galled Harland to see this fury unleashed on loving servants of the God-Emperor, in some cases there was no other alternative. Sometimes, it was the only alternative.

‘En mortis est gloriam, sic transit gloria mundi,’ said Harland Aril, wiping a small tear from his cheek as the massive metal doors slid closed on the viewing dome.

In death is glory, so pass away the glories of this world.

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Yo thanks for coming to my user page to comment, I do check in every-so-often to keep up my halo nerdy-ness. Ive also done some clarity on the theories placed in "The Forerunner". Once I learn some of the codes and the way things should be ordered on pages, ill start to edit a bit, and ill definately be here with everything on Halo 3 :). --Lt.O'Brien 14:29, 8 January 2007 (UTC)


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I think its mostly because some users refuse to use the show preview button and so take 10 edits for every change they make on a page. -- Esemono 04:20, 8 January 2007 (UTC)


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Testing 124.--Rot 02:25, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

Darth nexes's Fan FicEdit

Message from Glorious Ascension

To the eyes of RelentlessRecusant

Tell me what you think?

My Fan fic, I don’t know how long it will be.


Holy Crusade

9 cycles, 245 units, Covenant calendar Covenant Holy city, High charity

In the darkness of space, a large planetoid city dominates the heavens. Around it is an large fleet, the largest fleet ever counted. A large vessel rushes into view, it has sleek lines curved into three distinct bulb sections, it moves toward the large city. Inside, Covenant elites, grunts, and engineers are on multiple holo panels, and on the bridge, several elites can be seen. One of the elites is standing in the center. He is adorned with a ornate white helmet, and long cape. A white elite approaches him, "The code is changed", the elite remarked. The high-ranking elite turned and said, "I know".

The ship has entered the city, it docked in the lower districts, a phantom is seen flying out, and towards one of the bubis buildings in the outer ring of high charity. The phantom lands on a platform and the elites disembark and proceed to the building. The narrow bridge that connects the platform, and the building has mutable high ornate armored elites with long staff spears, these are the Honor guards, the guardians of the high prophets. The high ranking elite enters alone, and goes through a seares of long halls, until he reaches a big round room, in the center a skinny figure on a hovering char, the elite bows, "are all the human strongholds putrefied?", the elite rose his head and remarked, "all but one".

5 cycles, 34 units Covenant calendar, Unknown system, aboard covenant command carrier, Glorious Ascension

An elite is seen on the bridge of the covenant assault carrier Glorious Ascension, he stands there clutching his fingers into a fist, and has flashbacks of the prophets and brutes betrayal. He remembers leaving, with orders from the prophet of truth. he remembers the prophets exalt words, " Admiral, the time has come for the divine winds to fill the void of the universe, and carry the worthy into heaven’s light, and leave the nonbelievers to be consumed by the parasite, you will head to our forefathers artifact to began the great journey". These words bring emptiness in his heart, all the races of the covenant followed the prophets without question, but the elites were the prophet’s personal guards.

An high ranking elite, white in color approaches the admiral, and put his hand on his shoulder, he said "I feel your anger and pain, but we must continue on, we will make the Jiralhanae pay, but for now we must regroup, orders sir" the admiral turned towards the elite and gave a respectful smirk . Just then, a flashing symbol appeared on the holo panel, the admiral turned to the panel and pressed the symbol. A dozen more flashing symbol’s appeared, he interfaced with the symbol’s in a specific order, then a holo picture of another high ranking elite filled the viewscreen. The elite gave a smirks and said "Ah, Admiral Sozai Nexes, it pleasures me to see you have not been killed by the brutes".

Sozai stared at the screen, he coun’t find words to describe what he saw, he finally said, but you... you... died at Joyous Exaltation the human bomb... the explosion...,. the admiral remarked, "no, I survived, I was thankful for leaving my fleet carrier, and giving command to ship master xsoizt wie,vin before the explosion , but I was surprised at what happened, and I lost 2/3 of my fleet". The high-ranking elite hesitated for a few seconds "The remainder of my fleet was sent to onyx, and most of them were destroyed by worriers of the sacred ring. After I escaped onyx, I intercepted a encrypted message from the prophet of truth, (the elite interfaces with a holo panel, and a holo of the prophet of truth appears)" the covenant now divided, the Sangheili now our enemas, our glories city High charity, now consumed by the parasite, but fear not, the oracles have answered our prophesy, the ark of our forefathers has been found, divine winds will soon burn through the universe, and we shall meet our forefathers, the great journey has begun". Sosai replies, "we will be left behind"!, (the high ranking elite on the holo screen, shakes his head), "no, we will not ,and one other thing, we have new allies".

2525, 2343 hours, UNSC Calendar UNSC battle fleet, Iron waves aboard marathon-class flagship Dragons teeth

Josef couldn’t weight any longer, he as a Spartan, thrived on action, and he hasn’t seen a engagement in weeks. He looked outside the viewscreen, and saw there fleet, he counted more then sixty ships, most of them frigates, and destroyers. He was on the edge of his seat, another Spartan grabbed his shoulder, "Josef!, he said, Josef looked at him and stop shaking, "Come down, we will arrive at the rondayview point in five hou"... Just then the viewscreen is filled with the captains face, "Spartans, time to declassified your mission", "Bout time!", Josef remarked, all the Spartans salute the captain, "at ease Spartans" the captain remarks. "As you know, the covenant have broken up, divided there races, which makes now the perfect time to strike". A map appears on the screen, and shows an unknown system, "Here is the highest consecrated of covenant forces, in this system, on the third plaint from the systems star".

The Spartans looked at each other, "You will infiltrate the plaint, and place a NOVA bomb at one of there command bases, after that, well lets just say, if you don’t gets your buts out of there, you’ll end up as one, of millions of hot rocks flying through space". "How will we get past there fleets", a Spartan remarked, "oh don’t worry about that, I will see to it personally that this fleet will become the biggest distraction in history". Just then, one of the prowler ships, black panther picked up a slipspace signal, a covenant signal. The captain puts the fleet in battle position , and brings there ship to combat alert alpha, "Spartans, we have covenant contacts, Battle stations!"

The covenant ships exited slipspace, but they had strange markings on there hulls, one of the crewmen registers thirty covenant contacts, and his voice boomed over the com "Thirty contacts at twelve o clock, ten battlecruisers, seventeen cruisers, and two destroyers ", another crewmen was heard, "charging MAC guns, missies on stand by, orders sir?", "the captain’s voice was heard through out the COM, “engage covenant contacts". The Spartans looked out the viewscreen, and saw the alien ships approaching "I’ve never seen ships like that", Josef remarked, the ships had black lines running up the lateral line of the ships. The com opened, "Sir!", the first crewmen through the com, "we’ve detected plasma spicks on the bottom of the lateral side of the ship", the covenant ships lateral line are shown, tubes are seen extending from the bottom of the wing, to the top, red plasma is seen inside the tubes, superheated blue plasma is released, and projected in the form of magnetically guided oval shaped plasma.

"Plasma torpedoes!", one of the Spartans remarked, all the UNSC new this weapon, one of the covenant's most powerful space weapons. Unbelievably accurate, a single hit from this weapon could destroy a UNSC frigate, and heavily damage other UNSC vessels, and what’s worse is that that they fire this weapon in volleys, almost all the covenant ships fired there torpedoes, now like a fireworks display gone wrong, hundreds of blue plasma bursts streaked towards them. “Evasive maneuvers!" the captain’s voice blasted through the com, the entire UNSC fleet slowly moved out of the way, but the magnetic coils around the plasma torpedoes picked up the electromagnetic signatures of the UNSC ships and began to track them. Almost all of the plasma torpedoes connected with a UNSC ship, a few hit the carrier they were next to. The resulting explosion rocked there ship, a volley of torpedoes barely missed there ship.

"Stases ", the captain said, a crewmen is heard, “Sir!, a quarter of our fleet has been destroyed", “one of our carriers has been taken out”, another crewmen remarked. The captain put his hand on his forehead, “is the MAC gun’s ready to fire?”, the crewmen remarked “yes sir, but there ships are out of range”. The COM blasted with a crewmen’s voice, “Sir, covenant contacts approaching”, the captain’s head spun to the viewscreen, more then ten covenant vessels blasted toward there fleet, the tips of there plasma turrets glowed fiery red.

2525, 2350 hours, UNSC Calendar UNSC battle fleet, Iron waves aboard marathon-class flagship Dragons teeth

“Big mistake”, the captain said to himself, “prepare to fire the MAC gun..”, “sir”, he was cut of by one of the Spartans, “ I have a suggestion”,. “What Spartan”, theirs anger in his voice “we don’t have much time”, the Spartan was heard over the COM, “we can send frigates to deploy nuke mines around the perimeter, most of the asteroids will cover them”. The COM went silent, “good thinking Spartan”, the captain said, the captain gave the order. Twenty frigates moved out of the fleet and went to intercept the alien ships, when they reached the asteroids they secretly deployed the mines. The asteroid field was alive with fire and, explosions, only five frigates emerged from the rock field.

Five covenant cruisers appeared behind them, there plasma armaments glowed red, to blue. Just then, explosions ripped through there shields, and blue through there hulls. The two reaming cruisers moved to intercept a UNSC frigate, it moved in front of a destroyer, a lowed crack was heard, and MAC rounds plowed through both cruisers, white hot explosions quickly followed. “Ha, got them!”, a crewmen was heard from the destroyer.

“Captain James!”, the captain of the carrier next to them was heard, “all the fleets armaments are online, all MAC gun’s fully charged, order..” the COM ended when a purple energy beam cut through the carrier, and narrowly missed there ship. Explosions consumed, and ripped apart the carrier, a final explosion turned the carrier into a graveyard. “Harold!, Harold!!”, James voice blasted angrily throughout the COM, “Dam!”.

A large covenant vessel passed there ship, the ship had an hook-like appearance, and had three bulbed sections. The Spartans looked out there viewpoint, and saw its armaments, four energy projector launchers, dozens of pulse laser turrets, and mutable plasma turrets, “Dam!”, one of the Spartans remarked. The ship turned to its starboard side, its projectors, and pulse lasers lined up perfectly to destroy there ship. They glowed like fire, Just then, an explosion shattered the bow’s shield of the carrier. “HA!, some of the nuke mines are still there”, a Spartan remarked, a heavy MAC round crashed into the bow, deforming the front of the ship, a marathon cruiser moved towards the carrier.

The COM opened, “Sir,”, the captain of the marathon cruiser was heard, “these alien basters are mine,” two destroyers followed behind, “Commander, disengage!”, James voice screamed through the COM. “Commander Ivan, I’m giving you an orde…”, his voice was disrupted by a lowed explosion, all but one vessel emerged, it was soon destroyed, as plasma bursts ripped through its hull. A nuclear missile slammed into the carrier, completely shattering its shields, the carrier’s energy projectors lined up with there ship.

“Sir!”, one of the crewmen is heard over the COM, “The ships shield is down!”, the captain’s voice boom’s over the COM, “Fire!”. A clap of thunder is heard, as three MAC rounds blow the stern of the carrier clean off, but its projectors still fire outward and sear towards there ship. As the carrier is blown into pieces, the Spartans watch the energy beam’s close in, then suddenly, the energy dissipates.

The remaining covenant vessels move closer, there plasma artillery, and torpedoes charge as they near the UNSC fleet. Captain James voice is heard through the fleet COM, “All ships, lock and fire all missiles!”, hundreds of missiles now streak towards the remaining alien ships. Massive explosions fill the battlefield, as only two ships remain, “Sir, the covenant ships are preparing to enter slipspace”, the crewmen remarked, the captain voice was heard over the COM, “Follow them!”

6 cycles, 90 unites, Covenant calendar, Sin system, Brute controlled plaint, malevolence Tyrant

A planit of thuderus storms fills the void of space, sparks emanate the entire world. A dry barain wastland without a ray of sunlight is the true face of this dark word, a flash of lighting, and clap of thunder reveles numeres covenant structures. Hundreds of bruters roas eco through this vast wastland, as a enormis brute makes himself known. He is twice the size of any brute, has thick jet-black fir, mussles as hard as steel, and hundreds of scares around his body and face.

He wealds a long-bladed seapter with a crived lighting shaped blade. His armor is broken up like most brutes, but with a large number of spicks mostly on his sholder plates and neck collor, his face is coverd in scares, one of his eyes has been replaced by a metal eye-pach, the other one has a large scair through it, his eyes are firy red, there is no dout he is the new cheften of the brutes.

"Brothers, heavens light is apon us, I zeus, Cheften of the brutes, will avenge tarters, slater the Sangheili, and lead our race to salvation!",The Cheften voice was thunderis, as it was deep, "The prophit of truth himself, has reveld that at this very moment, he will soon actvae the most holy Ark, opening the gates to the Great Journey".The brutes emit a lowed roar, that can be heard for miles, the Cheften leaves with is personal bodyguards, he heads for one of the large structures and goes through dozens of halls, until he stops in front of a large holo panel. A image of the prophet of truth is reveled, Zeus and his bodyguards immediately bows down. “What is your bidding most holy one”, Zeus remarks, “in order for the great journey to commence, there can be only one true leader, other prophets must be sacrificed to the great light, do you understand?. Zeus rises his head, and hesitates, “Yes”, Zeus remarked, the hologram shut off, the large brute leaves and comadeers a phantom.

2525, 2350 hours, UNSC Calendar, Sin system UNSC battle fleet, Iron waves aboard marathon-class flagship Dragons teeth

“Sir, were coming out of slipspace” a crewmen remarked, “good, charge weapons, and fire on my mark”. “aye sir” , the fleet came out of slipspace to confront the covenant ships, a large thunders dark plaint came into view, the covenant ships turned to face them as there plasma weapons burned like fire. “I want a firing solution on those ships” captain James said, a crewmen is heard, “Sir, were in range of there ships”. The COM opens, “fire!”, the captain’s voice blasts through the COM, with those words, hundreds of missiles, and dozens of MAC rounds streak toward the covenant ships, the covenant respond by discharging busts of plasma, and volleys of torpedoes to intercept there firepower.

Both covenant ships shields shimmered, and failed as more missiles and MAC rounds ravaged there hulls, one MAC round cut through there cruiser, as another one blue a hole through the battlecruiser. But the plasma still streaked towards there fleet, as it impacted on the sides of there ships and vaporized the hull of most of the ships, nine ships were set aflame. There ship shaked violently as plasma impacted on its side, vaporizing major parts of the hull, “Damage report” James said, “Sir, Most of the port side is gone, decks A-1,through B-4 is heavily damaged, and missile pods C-3 through C-8 are offline”.

“Dam”, “we have to find cover and fast before more ships arrive”, he looked around to find any type of cover, he spotted the plants moon, “there, park the fleet on that moon” a crewmen remarked “aye sir”.

The fleet moved slowly toward the large moon, until it came across a large crater, it must have been 7 kilometers, the captains voice echoes through the COM, “there, park there”, the fleet landed in the crater. Josef stud up, and moved to the side viewpoint, his eyes opened when he saw the damage. Almost all of the portside of the ship had dissolved to a few meters, and plasma scorches on the untouched armorplating.

The captain is heard “to all crew, this moon will be our home for a while, so get use to it”. Just then, one of the Spartans yelled out “contact!”, all the Spartans heads spun around, they all saw a covenant destroyer, it had a large curved flat body, a large elongated tail, had a large bulbils section, and a large bent whale-like bow. They saw holes on the bottom lateral sides of the hull, with lines stating from the holes that connected with the bottom of the ship, these had to be plasma torpedo launchers. Also it had dozens of plasma turrets that sprinkled the entire lateral sides of the ships, they looked like protruding spicks.

The captains voice is screamed through the COM, “kill all systems, keep low level subsystems online, all prowler ships mask our presence NOW!” All the ships in the fleet darkened, as the covenant vessel closed in, a crewmen is heard, “sir, I’m getting increased echo from the covenant destroyer... wait!, there increasing there scanners”. The ship past over them in a slowed speed, “Captain”, a crewmen is heard, “I’m picking up an increasing activity”, the destroyer then moved away, then turned to face them laterally. Red plasma seen forming on the starboard lateral side of the ship “There about to fire!” a crewmen yelled, James watched at the plasma turn red to a bright blue, James said “Target Shiva missiles, and wait for my orders”.

Just then the destroyer discharged dozens of plasma bolts that streaked toward there position. They impacted and vaporized huge chunks of rocks, and connected with some of there ships. Two destroyers were vaporized into hot metal, five frigates were set aflame, and the dragons teeth was hit by a dozen bolts of plasma, and its engines were struck. As the destroyer came another round, its plasma glowed to red to blue, the COM is filed with the captains voice “fire!”, a single nuclear-tipped missile rockets towards the covenant ship. A large explosion soon follows, the explosion literary cuts the destroyer in half, as the explosion blocked by the covenant ships energy shield, it bounces of the shield three or four times before the shield cracks and dissipates, as does the explosion.

The captain flops on his chair, and breathes a sigh of relief. The COM opens “Spartans”, the captains voice is heard, “to the bridge, on the double”, all the Spartans quickly leave, and head to the bridge. When they arrived, the captain turned to face them; he looked just like captain keys, a little older, but had more medals. The Spartans and the captain saluted each other, he walked up to Josef, he said “at ease”, and he looked at Josef “that means you to chef”, Josef put his hand down. The captain started “I know this mission has screwed up since we engaged the covenant, but we found another covenant world, estimated to have thousands of millions of covenant”. “So I want you to take one of the prowlers, get plaintside, and spilt into three teams and set of the NOVA, and use what ever resource to get the hell out of there” , all the Spartans yelled ”yes sir!”.

2525, 2000 hours, UNSC Calendar Sin system UNSC battle fleet, Iron waves Aboard UNSC prowler ship, “Dark night Brute controlled planet “malevolence Tyrant”

A ship blasts from the moon to the dark planet, the ship is solid black, has a basic square shape, and is longer then it is short. The letters on the side of the ship read, 124-01141, this is the cereal number of the prowler Dark night. A number of Spartans are seen in the shuttle bay, all of them commander a nearby pelican, the prowler moves into the atmosphere. The COM opens, “Spartans”, captain James voice is heard “You know what to do once you reach the surface, we may be out of contact, so good luck, and god speed!”, as they take of, and head to the plaint.

The pelican speeds towards the plaint, as it moves to a nearby mountain, burst’s of plasma slams into the side. “Covenant emplacements” one of the pilots screamed, more then a dozen plasma turrets tracked there dropship, there mussel’s cool as plasma is recycled. A dozen more burst’s discharged and hit the nose of the pelican, washing the view of the cockpit, Josef ordered “we can’t stay in the air, we need an LZ NOW!” The pilot acknowledged and turned hard to port, as they moved closer to land, a squad of banishes rushed towards them, as there plasma canons came to life and fired in there direction. The pelican moved pass them in the blink on an eye, the alien flyers came out of formation and projected fuel rod bust’s at them.

After two or three hits, the human dropship spun out of control as the ground closed in. With the pilot’s dead, and the circumstances, there were no other option, Josef yelled “Jump NOW!”. Josef rolled as he hit the ground, as soon as he came out of the roll he opened fire on a dozen ape-like creatures, there hide was tough as Josef empted entire clips. When the last brute fell, Josef reloaded his assault rifle as the other Spartans caught up. “Man you get to have all the fun!” hennery remarked in anger, Josef looked at the Spartan and said “Yule get your chance”, one of the Spartan’s shields flared and lit as five covenant banishes discharged there plasma canons.

All the Spartans turned with a blurred speed and fired there assault rifle’s. Two banishes exploded, as hot alien metal hit the ground, another Spartan aimed his rifle at one of the banshee’s fuelsages. After a half a clip, the fuelsage detonated, destroying the alien flyer, another round impacted a banshee’s antigravity pod. The craft spun as it hit the cliff and fell down. The last banshee fled, now out of range of the Spartans weapons. A lowed crack was heard, the banshee was destroyed as sniper rounds hit its fuelsage; “got it” a voice is heard over the COM. Spartan 121-Wilson, a crack shot, and the best sniper Josef had ever seen.

Wilson was head again, “guy’s, you might want to see this”, all the Spartans raced to his position. All eyes were fixed on the large valley before them, a large covenant emplacement was set up, several plasma canons lined the valley, as dozens of brutes guarded this large stretch of land. Seemly impervious and impassable, to a marine, to a Spartan just another day at work. Wilson zoomed in with his sniper, and uplinked the image that he saw to the other Spartan’s. Brutes seen with brute shots, spike rifles, and some kind of new covenant weapon, at twice the size of the brute shot, it has a long barrel with an even longer bud. The bud had a sleek curve, with a oval shaped hole in the middle, the overall rifle was very ornate.

Wilson turned to a group of wraths, Josef yelled “We’ll use those to soften there defense,” he looked at Gerry “Gerry take one of those wraths, and move to a safe distance, and unleash hell on the valley”. “Wilson, hennery, Jake, take sniper positions and cover for the rest of us”. “Gorge, and Bob your with me, move out”, all the Spartans moved to there positions, Josef and his team had the fun part of the job, he knew his part, the question was, would the others mess up. No, he could not afford to think like that, he had to trust his team, if his plain was to work.

Gerry commaderd a wrath, and backed up a dozen meters, he leveled the plasma moter so it would vaporizes most of the contacts. Wilson, and his team took sniper positions, and used high rocks for cover, next to them clips of ammo littered the ground enough for an hour of continues fire. The COM opened, Josef voice is heard, “Spartans, all in position?” the COM reopened, all most in unison, all the Spartans called in “yes sir”.

2525, 1019 hours, “UNSC Calendar” Brute controlled valley, Brute plaint “malevolence Tyrant” Sin system

The Spartans stand ready to fight at a moment’s notices. As Wilson’s sniper, scope became a small screen in all the Spartans head’s up display. Wilson turned his sniper so the Spartans could see the entire valley; there must have been dozens of brutes. One particular brute caught Wilson’s attention, as he zoomed into the creature; it had black fir, ornate armor, and a large hammer. The COM opened, “Josef, this is Wilson, do you copy? Over.” Josef replied “This is Josef, what’s the problem”, “Josef are you getting this”. Josef’s screen is filed with the image; he saw the large black-furred brute with a large hammer, on the sides of the brute he saw a dozen more black-furred in less ornate armor, and they were armed with staff like sper-tiped weapons.--Admiral Sozai Nexes FLEETCOMM 23:33, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

Halo Wars Help Edit

I am having some trouble getting started on Halo Wars. How do I start out on it?--H*bad 00:52, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

Re: wth? Edit

Once you've got all the coding right, go to preferences, put it in the Nickname box, and check Raw Signatures (without automatic link). If you need any help with your sig, just ask. Just don't ask RR. ;D guesty-persony-thingy 23:17, 8 January 2007 (UTC)

WTF?!!!! Cheers, Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 00:46, 9 January 2007 (UTC) guesty-persony-thingy 01:27, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
still don't understand...oooh...I've been triple-skewered by ya. =S ;D =D Cheers, Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 02:38, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
"Pwned, b****!" ~Timmy guesty-persony-thingy 02:50, 9 January 2007 (UTC)


Where da F did this MOFO go. Pardon my slang cursing. <3 CaptainAdamGraves 01:36, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

Re: my sig Edit

I can help you out. You want me to make a custom sig 4 you?


Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 00:45, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

WTF?!!!! J00 think j00're better than ME at sigs!? Well, you're probably right... a bit. I'm just trying to steal your thunder... anyway, Rot, if you need any help, I'll make you a sig. Just tell me what you want and I'll make it happen. guesty-persony-thingy 02:54, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
ask me...ooohh...ohhh....PWNED! OWNED! =D ;D ;S =S Cheers, Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 03:08, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
Are you just progressively upgrading the number of smileys at the end of you comments? What, you think that's gonna stop me? Owndizzled! Anyway, yeah... when I said "Pwned, b****" ~Timmy, did you watch the video I linked to in my summary? Just don't watch around little children... or your parents. "My mom? That little sonofab****!" ~Timmy guesty-persony-thingy 03:12, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
You both seem to be looking here, so I'll just ask you both. I got my name to work with the ~~~~, but not I want that funny thingy in super script that links to my talk page. Howe do I get that? --Rot 03:44, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
Testing 124--RotBrandon 04:17, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

Re: friend? Edit

" (i R tEh fRiEnd o tEh RElEntlEssREcusant... soRta.) "

quadruple-skewered? WHATT!!!!

OOHHH!! MY REVENGE SHALL BE SWIFT AND...oohh...ohh...prepare for bsing @ XBL, young man. =D ;D


Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 03:12, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

No, all I meant was you're on my Friends list on XBL, but we don't actually know eachother other than on XBL and here, so you're not like, my friend friend, like someone I actually know off the internets, but you're my friend... GAH! I'm not even trying, and I'm skewering you! Pwndizzled! guesty-persony-thingy 03:16, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
Also, I'm older than you, so I wouldn't be calling me young if I were you, young man. ;D guesty-persony-thingy 03:19, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
it's called a non-transcendal descending arithmetic sequence. OWNED! ;D Cheers, Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 03:14, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
wait...uhhh..gtg, man. over and out. Cheers, Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 03:14, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
How about a non-transcendal Ascending arithmetic sequence? Double kill! Don't you just love when you respawn RIGHT where you die!? guesty-persony-thingy 03:19, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
No, moron, it refers that the number of smilies on my posts decrease...OWNED! oohh....ahhh...jkjk. Cheers, Deoxyribonucleic Acid - ATCG||Helen|| 13:33, 9 January 2007 (UTC)
You better be JK, because I was referring to the number of smilies on your post increasing. That's why I said upgrading the number of smileys. Because of your attempted pwnage of me, I have become more powerful than you could possibly imagine, and have just scored a Triple Kill, all off of you. Don't you just LOVE spawn camping!? guesty-persony-thingy 21:40, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

xbox live Edit

hey mate could you add me on xbox live my tag is JIMMY886 kk thanks mate J!MMY8806 15:30, 9 January 2007 (UTC)

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