• I live in The planet behind jupiter
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    Better than I can do. Read the guidelines or you will... ! Fun fact about me I have a new pfp everyday
    Fun fact number two is I was blocked from the Dora fandom for... reasons
    Fun fact three is that I’m a strong and proud supporter that noble 6 is alive

    Darth Jar Jar is real try to change my mind.

    If you say that you like modern rap music I am going to hate you

    Useful links

    Yo yo yo, wanna talk to the boys?:

    Wookieepedia spoiler protocol:

    Star Wars recommendation hive

    Official member of the welcome committee on the Star Wars fandom

    Wookieepedia warm welcome:

    Check out this Discussion post on Fandom
    The best links in categories

    Star Wars:

    Minecraft :

    Best post ever made: Check out this Discussion post on Fandom

    Best song ever:

    For stupid people:

    Never mind this is the best song:

    The worst channel *cough cough* me:

    For legends:

    My SW role play:

    The continuation of my greatest creation:

    Follow me on Facebook:

    Important gaming info: my Xbox username is Showag04
    I play aggressive (especially grifball) in halo 5
    In MCC I do the same, but I mostly play the campaigns
    I main pathfinder with an R301 and mastiff in Apex Legends
    I use the grapple pilot, CAR, and Tone in TF2
    And I’m a Tracer main in Overwatch

    Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
Got yourself a problem
He can Alexander handle it

Lost 150 pounds
Alexander damn he thin
Never lost a single fight
Alexander champion
Has a love for weird guitars
Alexander mandolin
Wishin' he could go to sleep
Alexander Ambien
Lives in a department store
Alexander mannequin
Breath is smellin' kinda' whack
Alexander hand ya mints
Sees something he doesn't like?
He Alexander banning it
Loves The Office way too much
Alexander Pam and Jim

Alexander Hamilton
Alexander Hamilton
Recently became a saint
Alexander hasn't sinned
Favorite Sith Lord in the world
Alexander Anakin
Has a very lovely smile
Alexander handsome grin
Transitioned to a woman, now he
Alexander man again
Knows two songs by Eminem
Alexander Stan and Kim
Totally skipped lunch, I want an
Alexander sandwich
What you want on your footlong?
Alexander ham and swiss
Yo, he'd make a good president
Alexander candidate
Really need some liquor now
Alexander hand me gin
Doesn't get enough sunlight
Alexander tanning bed
This costume cost a jillion dollars
Alexander damn he rich
Used to watch the old school Jack
Alexander Handypen
Elton John's his favorite artist
Alexander Candle Wind

Yo, I dedicate this song to Alexander Hamilton, the greatest president in the wooorrld
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