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“Doctor speak for 'Everything falls apart.'”

Metabolic Cascade Failure is a medical condition known in the 26th Century.


It is described as a series of neurological diseases that occur in short succession, generally rendering the human dead within the span of a year, though have been known to survive longer. The clone of Daisy-023 had lived for some eight years when Daisy found her.[1]

A medical scholar, Kamal, described the case of his sister Yasmine's flash-clone, who lost motor function in her legs after only a few weeks.[2]


One of the causes of this condition is improper cloning. Due to the complexities of flash cloning in the 26th Century, flash cloned human beings would inevitably die from this disease. Due to ordinary humans also being known to suffer from this condition, it is not generally considered that a patient is a cloned impersonator. This was advantageous to the Office of Naval Intelligence in hiding evidence of their child abductions.


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