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The Metarchy was the governing ancilla network of the Forerunner capital world Maethrillian, managing its various domestic and defense systems, including the Capital's sizable defense fleet. A vast interconnected network consisting of trillions of ancillas, the Metarchy was overseen by a Metarch-class ancilla, one of only five active at the time.[1]

Forerunner-Flood WarEdit

The Metarchy was active during the trial of the Master Builder, but was subverted early in the proceedings when 05-032 Mendicant Bias arrived at Maethrillian with a stolen Halo ring intent on wiping out the Forerunner leadership. Disabling the governing Metarch-class ancilla, Mendicant began systematically suppressing all other ancillas present on the Capital, and locking up the armor of many Forerunners on the planet.[2]

According to Splendid Dust of Ancient Suns the Metarchy would have been destroyed when the Halo arrays in proximity to Maethrillian fire, losing millenia of Forerunner knowledge.


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