There are a number of penitentiaries whose reputations precede them—whose very names strike fear in the hearts of the state's enemies. This facility wasn't one of them. Midnight wasn't about reforming criminals; it was about making them disappear.

The Midnight Facility is a top-secret prison facility operated by the Office of Naval Intelligence in the 26th century. It was intended to house high-profile political prisoners who the organization preferred to make disappear rather than execute or rehabilitate. Midnight was located in an asteroid field.[1]


Following the recovery of Alo Sebukah (named Subject Denver by ONI) in 2552, he was detained at Midnight.[2]

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In 2553, Subject Denver was interrogated. When Denver was explaining his escape from High Charity he made reference to seeing a "A blue female human artificial intelligence". Subject Denver also believed she was suffering from the Logic Plague; a Flood condition that his interrogator Oberon 5 didn't know.[2]

In 2558, Benjamin Giraud was imprisoned at Midnight Facility after a failed attempt to expose ONI's cover-up of the horrible truth of the SPARTAN-II Program.[1]


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