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The Security icon has the letters "MP" on it.

Military police (MP) are concerned with security operations. Their duties include defending military installations, policing military installations, providing security in order to ensure freedom of movement for other military units during combat operations, management of prisoners of war, controlling access to highly sensitive areas, and close personal protection of senior military officers. While MPs do not function as frontline combat troops, their duties regularly bring them into engagements with enemy forces.


The UNSC Marine Corps maintains its own military police force, as does the UNSC Army, used to guard important military installations on Reach and Earth, as well as other high priority installations.[1][2]

ODST MPs formed a security detail for the John-117's testing of the Mark V Mjolnir Armor.

The Office of Naval Intelligence's Beta-5 Division also has its own military police force. The helmet used by the Beta-5 MP has also been adopted for use with the Mjolnir Armor, and is also used in conjunction with the UNSC Marine Corps and UNSC Army armor systems as the default enclosed helmet.[3]



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