Mindoro is the capital city of the human colony, Cascade. The city was destroyed or heavily damaged during the Human-Covenant war. The planet was not glassed however, and Mindoro was rebuilt after the war.[1]


The planet Cascade functioned as an industrial powerhouse before and during the war, with the city of Mindoro at its heart. Numerous manufacturing companies established their headquarters in the city, turning it into a metropolis with highrises and large factories. At some point late in the war the planet was attacked by the Covenant. Mindoro suffered extensive damage, including the loss of the planet's only orbital tether. However, the UNSC was able to ultimately defeat the attackers, saving the planet from certain destruction. Mindoro was re-constructed after the war, however the lack of an orbital tether hindered its economic recovery. Therefore the manufacturing companies that had taken residence in the city combined resources to construct a new tether near the Nova Austin Space Port. The actual construction was undertaken by Lethbridge Industrial and was still in progress as of 2558.





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