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Minimates logo

Minimates logo

Minimates are a block-styled miniature action figure originally created by Art Asylum and now released by Diamond Select Toys.[1] The basic Minimate figure design has a 2 inch tall body that resembles an extremely simplified human form with 14 points of articulation, higher than average for block figures.

Lines of Minimates have been released for numerous comic, TV series, movie and video game licenses and are primarily released to specialty retailers and aimed at adult collectors. There are currently three waves of Halo Minimates,[2] as well as accompanying Warthog vehicles and box sets, and the fourth wave will be dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Halo: Combat Evolved. Additionally, a Scorpion tank has been announced as being in development.[3] Most Halo Minimate sets are exclusive to Toys R Us.

Current SetsEdit



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