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“As Spartan Palmer led the charge on Draetheus-V, Spartan Davis continued to face considerable enemy threat on the moon. In a stroke of luck, the UNSC Eminent Domain was able to outmaneuver Covenant forces in orbit over the moon and offer some support by deploying marines to the southern Mirror Flats. The 3rd Helljumper Platoon was the first to land on Draetheus-V's moon. Their drop zone was less than a mile from Alpha facility but the landing scattered them across the razor sharp rock faces of the mountain range called Glacial Perch. They were quickly surrounded by Covenant infantry and taking heavy losses. Spartan Davis, having held out against a constant stream of Unggoy and Sangheili for a full day, quickly set out to clear the landing zone for the second wave of drop pods.”
— Mission summary

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