Seven data pads collectible as mission intel can be recovered on the Halo 5: Guardians mission Osiris.

Unggoy Personal Log 005Edit

“Excerpt from the personal journal of Kibkib Yany, a Covenant Grunt - 00:16

Jul 'Mdama - he say we go to Kamchatka and get big weapons, but this place is so cold. I hate it. But maybe, if weapon big enough, it can smash the Arbiter! Hah! I hope he goes squish when it happens. Or maybe pop, pop! *laughs* ”

Jul 'Mdama's LogEdit

“Excerpt from Jul 'Mdama's operations log - 00:14

The native defense system has been disabled, but Halsey was not able to bring the alert system down in time. Promethean forces will arrive within the hour. This human is more trouble than she is worth. ”

Halsey Research Notes 4/4Edit

“Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on erratic Forerunner signals - 00:15

All of the readings I would expect from a Forerunner structure of this scale are erratic at best. I am beginning to wonder if the signal is in fact bouncing off these locations as I theorized, or if she is trying to access them directly [...] and failing. ”

Covenant Combat Orders 0283Edit

“Combat orders issued by Jul 'Mdama - 00:12

Fall back to the perimeter of the holy site and hold the line! If you allow so much as a Crawler to get past you, I will remove your head myself! ”

Halsey Research Notes 1/4Edit

“Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on signal observation - 00:17

The signal is consistent with previous, I hesitate to call them, "messages" - that implies communication. This is more like, echolocation. A signal bouncing off Forerunner objects. Mapping! Searching for something. But what? What could she think to find? ”

Halsey Research Notes 2/4Edit

“Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on excavating the signals' focal point - 00:11

We have penetrated the structure that was a focal point for the last signal. I have yet to gain access to anything [...] informative. Jul's people are more concerned with ceremony than allowing me to do my work.

Halsey Research Notes 3/4Edit

“Dr. Catherine Halsey's notes on discovering a Forerunner glyth - 00:17

Attained scans of new Forerunner glyphs. One is completely new. Running the other through the system revealed it contains a similar design to an ancient Sangheili symbol. This symbol referred to a demon who sleeps in the ground and must not wake. How this relates to the signal, I am unsure. ”