Missionary ships are vessels employed by the Covenant Ministry of Tranquility to explore the fringes of Covenant-controlled space.[1]

Background[edit | edit source]

Crewed primarily by Grunts and Jackals, they are often sent out to search for Forerunner relics. Kig-Yar privateers with their own ships are often employed for the task.

The only known Missionary Ship mentioned thus far is the Minor Transgression, which was captained by Shipmistress Chur'R-Yar and made first contact with humanity. It was destroyed during a battle with Sergeants Johnson and Byrne by the Shipmistress, Chur'R-Yar, in an attempt to kill Sgt. Johnson.

The Minor Transgression was described as being shaped like a fishhook, with many segmented compartments and barbed antennae spanning from the prow to the stern engine. The ship had an umbilical that the crew used to board enemy vessels.

Ships of the Line[edit | edit source]

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