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Spartan Games needed to generate both concept and models in some cases (ORS Heavy Cruiser), in others we could provide detailed concept and reference but no models (DSC Support Ship)...”
Kenneth Peters, Canon Fodder[2]

The Mjern-pattern agricultural support ship,[1] also known as the DSC-class support ship,[3] is a type of support vessel used by the Covenant. It is attached to the fleets that travel far from established supply lines.[1]


These vessels are much smaller than a Covenant capital ship, and are not designed for combat. Rather, they are designed to provide fresh food for Covenant soldiers.[4] They contain large hunting preserves holding many types of animals, to be killed and fed to the Sangheili and San'Shyuum within the fleet, as well as plants,[4] but it is unclear if these plants are eaten. These hunting grounds were also used for recreation.[1]

Mjern-pattern ships can also repair ship parts in special maintenance forges.[1]


Mjern-pattern ships carry their own complement of troops. This included seven Obedientaries and 150 Warriors.[1]


They are only crewed by Huragok and Unggoy, with almost no Sangheili on board. They are commanded by a single Lesser Prophet.[5]

Ships of the Line[]


  • On the map Release, in Halo Wars, there are several agricultural support ships crashed on the map.




  1. Halo: Fleet Battles is set during the Fall of Reach, and seeing as this is featured in it, ships of this classification must have been present.