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The Mjolnir: BLACK variant used by Team Black.

Developed as a part of Project: Mjolnir, the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Black variant is a standalone "skunkworks" prototype of the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor created by a top secret parallel development lab in Seongnam, United Korea. The armor was issued exclusively to Team Black and used during the Battle of Verge and during their actions on Line Installation 1-4.


While it is visually similar to the standard Mark VI Mjolnir armor, it includes features that neither the Mark V or VI have. The HUD has a field of view of nearly five thousand meters, allowing extreme-range reconnaissance. In addition, instead of the visor being transparent, the image on the inside of the helmet is actually a direct video feed projected to the visor's interior, and as such, can be manipulated.[1]

The armor is colored jet black rather than the standard olive green, increasing the user's ability to hide in shadows during combat. One forearm includes a storage locker housing a device referred to as "the Interrogator," including a built-in microphone, processor, and speaker for translation of Covenant lanuages to English and from English to Covenant speech, intended for use in interrogation. The armor is capable of carrying a seventh-generation Smart artificial intelligence, Iona, and a hologram projector that can be used to display an AI's avatar, among other things.[2] Like the Marks V and VI, Mjolnir: Black features recharging energy shielding.

Being a prototype, the armor features some flaws: it has trouble displaying exact altitude, making three-dimensional tracking difficult, and the biofoam injectors could set a broken ankle into the wrong shape to heal.[3]


  • The armor's visor is said to be reflective gray in Blunt Instruments,[4] but in Halo: Blood Line, it is gold-colored like the default Mjolnir visor.
  • The holographic ability may very well be a prototype of the Hologram Armor Ability featured in Halo: Reach.

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