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Predecessor to current MJOLNIR/C variant; less rigid design allows for field upgrades
— Description of the CQC helmet[2]

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/CQC variant, or Close Quarters Combat armor, was a variant of the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor, compatible with the Mark IV as well as the Mark V.

Operational History[]

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CQC Armor with Mark V[B] Chest.

Entering service in 2548,[1] the CQC was the predecessor to the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/C variant, or "CQB."[3][2]


Its design is less rigid, making field upgrades easier.[3][2] The CQC helmet is standard equipment for missions involving close-quarters combat, including boarding actions and urban operations.[1] The CQC variant also includes an "Assault/CQC" chest carriage configuration, which contains two large storage pouches attached to the armor's chest plate, which is now the Assault/Commando Chest Piece.

The helmet has two available upgrades, one with the CBRN breathing tubes for hazard zones, and an up-armoured (UA) Variant with a Hardened Uplink (HUL).[1]


Halo: Reach[]

Helmet Description Price Unlock Rank Requirements
CQC Base
CQC base Entered Service in 2548; standard equipment for boarding actions and MOUT. N/A Starter None
Helmet 2 2 For operations in hazard zones. 750 cR Starter CQC BASE
CQC HUL Up-armored varient with hardened uplink module for MILINT acquisition. 1500 cR Corporal ReachRank2 CQC BASE & CBRN