The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armour/Defender is a Mjolnir [GEN2] armor variant used by SPARTAN-IV personnel.

Operational HistoryEdit

After the Human-Covenant war, the Ordnance Commission, held at the Damascus Testing Facility, approved the long-term aggressive focus on defense-centric armor systems. The Mjolnir Powered Armor/Defender is the most notable result of this research.[1] It was tested at the Ankara Resiliency Chamber in Ankara, Luna.[2]


The Defender armor features the Class-4 DFN chest plate and the XV-3 Modular comm tool.[2]


Halo 4Edit

the "Control" skin is unlocked by completing the Bullet in the Brain commendation. Purchasing the Champions Bundle unlocks the "Column" skin for the armor.



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