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HR Commando MK V

The Commando helmet

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/K variant, also known as the Commando armor, is a variant of the Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor for Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Mark V and [GEN2].[1]

The chest, helmet, and left shoulder pauldron were worn during the Fall of Reach by Commander Carter-A259 of Noble Team.[2]

[GEN1] Characteristics[]

Helmet Characteristics[]


Price: 85,000 cR

Can be first purchased at the rank of Commander.

Commando Base

Price: 40,000 cR

Can be purchased at the rank of Commander after purchasing the Commando base. It adds a CBRN filter and a CNM communications attachment. It also removes the HUL[3] attachment.

Commando CNM

Price: 40,000 cR

Can be purchased at the rank of Commander after purchasing Commando CBRN. It adds Mark V looking brow guards and a CNM communications attachment.

Commando UA/FC-I-2-

Shoulder Characteristics[]

Price: 40,000 cR (each)

The Commando shoulders can be bought at the rank of commander. They appear to be a curved shoulder piece that protects the upper shoulder. It is Carter's left shoulder piece.

Commando Shoulder

Chest Characteristics[]

“Anything you don't have, you can find in the field. Anything you can't find, you didn't need anyway.”
— Armory description
Price: 12,000 cR

The chest appears to have a "walkie-talkie" or other communication device on the left side. On the right side there is a large ammo pouch. This chest piece will also add a large pouch on the back of the waist.

Commando Chest


MJOLNIR Commando

The Mjolnir [GEN2] Commando armor variant.

After the Human-Covenant war, Mjolnir [GEN2] Commando armor would be manufactured by Naphtali Contractor Corporation.[1]

The base armor is unlocked by mastering the Dominion Victory commendation while the Fracture skin is unlocked by mastering the Flood Victory commendation. Players who completed one match of War Games or Spartan Ops matchmaking on 343 Day, December 9, 2013, unlocked the Commando helmet if they did not already have it.[3]




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