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A Military Police helmet with the HESA-E sensor device attached.

The Mark V[MP] is a UNSC Military police helmet adapted for use with the Mark V Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor.[1][2]


One of just a handful of assets shared between branches of the UNSC armed forces, the MP variant is a shared asset with Beta-5 Security; as such, sensor upgrades are many and varied. The MP variant also includes "Base Security" chest armor, which is an additional plate of armor placed on the standard Mark V chest, and a grenade belt along the waist.

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Military Police Helmet with FJ/Para Shoulders, UA/Counterassault Chest, FJ/Para Knee Guards, Tactical/UGPS Wrist, Tactical/Soft Case Utility, and a Silver Visor

At least two Mjolnir upgrades are available for MP users; the External Command Network Module or "CNM" on the left side of the helmet, standard issue for Inner Colony Beta-5 security units, and the Hardened External Sensor Array-External or "HESA-E," which is standard issue for Outer Colony Beta-5 security units.[3]

The MP helmet also serves as the fully enclosed variant of the UNSC Marine Corps and Army helmets - the soldiers who aid the player boarding the Covenant corvette Ardent Prayer on the level Long Night of Solace in Halo: Reach have MP helmets with transparent visors, as part of their vacuum suits. The Marines encountered on the level The Pillar of Autumn also wear similar helmets with transparent visors.


  • The Military Police helmet can be unlocked via Halo Waypoint at the cost of 0 cR[4] This requires achieving Career Milestone 15 and receiving the The Soldier We Needed You To Be achievement.[5]
  • The Military Police helmet goes with the UA/Base Security Chestpiece and Shoulders. Indeed, in the Beta, the chestpiece was titled "MP/Base Security."