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The Mjolnir Mark VI Rogue Variant.


The Mjolnir [GEN2] Rogue Variant.

The Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor/Rogue, originally referred to as Mark VI(A), is the first successful privately manufactured version of the Mjolnir Mark VI armor and the first of many such "privatized" variants.[1][2] It would later go on to be produced for Mjolnir [GEN2].[3]

Development and History[]

Work on what became known as Rogue armor was started before the Mark VI went active in 2552 when the Office of Naval Intelligence contracted the Vestol Corporation to work on a new Mjolnir variant, one of many attempts by the UNSC to have private industries manufacture classified war material following the fall of the Outer Colonies. Drawing on the "A" line of Mark VI specs, the Rogue variant eschews the team-oriented technology of standard variants, instead providing the operator with advanced network connectivity and sequentially delineated intel packets. The Mark VI(A) caters to soldiers who operate on their own, and while it saw limited use during the closing days of the Human-Covenant war, reports indicate it performed exceptionally well.[1][2]

After the Fall of Reach and the destruction of all other human colonies in the Epsilon Eridani system by the Covenant in 2552, the manufacture of Rogue armor was taken over by Hannibal Weapon Systems in 2555.[3]


Unlock: Unlock the Spartan Officer achievement, only obtainable through online multiplayer.
The helmet has one small visor that resembles a pair of sunglasses, rather than the typical Mjolnir visor. The mouth-guard appears longer and thicker with an added "hole" in the center of the mouthpiece, it seems that it is actually part of the helmet rather than an add-on otherwise it wouldn't be classified as a separate variant. The top of the helmet, which has been mistaken for the "stealth" helmet, is much more rounded as well. The mouth guard rounds, shapes, and cups into a circular black piece in front of the mouth that forms the beforementioned "hole."